Managing your SiteLock routing

This article will help you to set your SiteLock routing.

The below instructions will help you configure the DNS required for SiteLock.

To configure your SiteLock routing you will need to create the following DNS records:

An A record with the Value

An A record with the Value

A CNAME record with the Value

Please note: If your domain name is registered with a different provider, you will need to manage your DNS settings through their control panel. If you need any assistance, please contact your provider and they will be happy to help.

Step 1 of 6

Start by logging in to your 123 Reg Control Panel.


Step 2 of 6

From there, select Domain Names within the ‘Manage active products’ section. Next, choose your domain name from the provided list and then select Manage.

Manage Domain Names


Step 3 of 6

This will take you to the overview page for your chosen domain. From here, select Manage DNS within the Advanced domain settings section.


Step 4 of 6

Now click on the Advanced DNS editor link.


Step 5 of 6

First, select the Advanced DNS tab. then create a new A record, and enter @ into the Hostname section, and point it to your SiteLock TrueShield wizard IP.


Step 6 of 6

Then create a CNAME record, adding your the subdomain you wish to protect – typically this will be www. and set the destination to the CNAME value provided to you during set up.