Back up your SSL certificate: IIS

We recommended you backup your certificate and its corresponding private key to protect you in the event that there is a hardware failure or other disaster affecting your server. the following instructions will show you how to do this. These instructions will also help you export your certificate from one web server and import the certificate and its private key to another web server.

Export from MMC and Back Up the Certificate and Private Key

You have to export the certificate from MMC. To do this:

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Open the mmc, (start>run>mmc) and open the certificates snap in.

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Select local computer account when prompted.

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You will then see  certificates on the left. Please select the personal folder.

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Find the certificate for the correct domain, and then right click it.

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Select all tasks and then export.

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The Export wizard will appear, follow the instructions and make sure you do the following:

Select Export private key.

Deselect Enable strong encryption.

Select Include all certificates in chain if possible.

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Complete the wizard and you will receive a pop up box stating that you have successfully exported the certificate.

Save the .pfx file in a secure location, in case you have a problem with your web server. If you need to import the .pfx into another IIS web server, follow the instructions below.

Import to MMC:

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To import the .pfx file into another IIS web server, first open mmc, (start>run>mmc) and open the certificates snap in.

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Select local computer account when prompted.

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You will then see on the left, certificates, please select the personal folder.

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Right click the personal folder and select all tasksImport.

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Find the .pfx file you saved previously and import the certificate and private key into the MMC.

Assign to IIS:

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Once you have opened IIS, select the domain the certificate is for.

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Right click the domain and select properties.

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Then select directory security tab, and then server certificates.

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The Certificates Wizard will appear, click Next.

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Now select assign certificate and select Next.

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Find the certificate you have just imported, select it, and click OK.

Your SSL Certificate and Private Key have been imported into IIS.