Generate a CSR: Weblogic BEA

To generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), please do the following:

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    Start the Certificate Request Generator servlet. The .war file for the servlet is located in the wlserver6.0configmydomainapplications directory. The .war file is automatically installed when you start your WebLogic Server.

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    In a Web browser, enter the URL for the Certificate Request Generator servlet as follows:


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    The components of this URL are defined as follows:

    • hostname: The DNS name of the machine running WebLogic Server.
    • port: The number of the port at which WebLogic Server listens for SSL connections. The default is 7002.
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    The Certificate Request Generator servlet loads a form in your web browser.

  • Step 5 of 8

    Complete the form displayed in your browser.

  • Step 6 of 8

    Click the Generate Request button.

  • Step 7 of 8

    You have just created a key pair and a CSR.

  • Step 8 of 8

    To copy and paste the information into the enrolment form, open the file in a text editor. Be sure to include the following: