How do I assign my newly purchased SSL Certificate to a domain?

This article applies to 123 Reg SSL Certificates

This article will show you how to assign your newly purchased SSL certificate to a domain name.

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Once in your 123 Reg user control panel, scroll down to the Security section and click on the Manage link as shown below.

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On the SSL overview page, click on the Assign link.

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In the Domain field, enter the domain name the SSL certificate is for and press the Go button.

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Enter your details, the approval email address and if the domain is not with 123 Reg/about to be installed on one of our Linux Shared or Premium hosting packages, your CSR.

The approval email address you select has to be created prior to completing the assigning process as it’s used as part of the domain validation process (you will receive an email to it to confirm the order as the domain owner)


Please note: During the order process, if you are purchasing an SSL certificate to use in conjunction with a 123 Reg hosting package, please choose the auto CSR option and follow the on-screen instructions. If you are purchasing an SSL certificate as a standalone product, you will need to have your CSR ready. It is recommended for the CSR to be generated on the server (at the hosting provider) where the certificate will be installed.

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Your certificate will now show as in progress in the SSL overview section.

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An email is then sent to the approval email address you selected during the order process.

Important: If you are purchasing an Organisational SSL or an Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL), you will be contacted by Starfield Technologies, our Certificate Authority via the contact information you have provided during the purchase procedure to complete your order. Please be aware that our partners’ vetting procedures are compulsory and their ruling in the matter is final.

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Click on the link provided in the email sent to complete the order of your SSL certificate.

Please note: If you are purchasing an SSL certificate for your shared hosting package, we will automatically install the certificate for you. If you are purchasing an SSL certificate as a standalone product, you will need to install the certificate yourself. Please view our extensive SSL support articles for information on how to install your SSL certificate using various operating systems.