How to add an SSL certificate to Wordpress and switch from HTTP to HTTPS

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Choose an SSL certificate from

If you don’t know the steps to do so, the article regarding on how to assign a newly purchased SSL might help.

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Once the SSL certificate has been assigned and issued, you may want to configure WordPress to use the SSL certificate and force redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS.

A simple way would be installing the Really Simple SSL plugin which will take care of the redirection rules in the .htaccess file and additional mixed content.

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Navigate to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins > Add New.

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Type Really Simple SSL in the search box then locate the plug-in.

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Click Install and then Activate and then a new page will load.

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Click on Go ahead, activate my SSL! And that’s it.

Please note: You might need to log in again after you click on Go ahead, activate my SSL!