Installing your SSL: IIS 4

To install your SSL certificate, you will need to do the following:

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    Save your SSL certificate as gs_ssl_certificate.crt.

  • Step 2 of 3

    Open IIS and Select Key/Install Key certificate and select the file you just saved. You will be asked to give a password. If you don't remember having given one, leave it empty.

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    If the certificate matches with the keys you created, it will be installed, and IIS will ask you whether you want to bind it to a specific IP address or not.

Force secure connection:

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    Go to the Internet Service Manager.

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    Right-click on the directory you want to SSL secure. Select Directory Security.

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    Click on the Require Secure Channel to make sure the pages can only be seen via a https:// connection.

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    Make sure all referring pages use the https:// prefix to send users to this page!