Why have I received an INVALIDDOMAIN error?

This article will explain how you can identify and resolve this error.

If you’re receiving the INVALIDDOMAIN error, it’s likely because the domain name associated with your SSL certificate hasn’t been formatted correctly.

Here are the main factors that cause this issue to occur:

  • Your domain name contains an invalid TLD (i.e. domain, .corp, .maps, .html)
  • Your domain name contains illegal characters (i.e. * _ !)
  • Your domain name contains non-ASCII characters (i.e. non-Latin alphabets such as Cyrillic, Chinese or Hebrew)
  • Your punycode domain (used to render domains that include non-ASCII characters) contains an invalid number of dashes

Once you’ve resolved this issue, you will then need to re-submit your SSL certificate request so that it is set up correctly.