Why is my website stating a ‘The Connection Is Not Private’ warning message?

This article will explain why your site is displaying a warning message to certain visitors.

If your website uses an SSL certificate that was issued between 21 – 27 April 2021, it will cause macOS 11.4 and iOS 14.6 visitors to receive the following warning message when they access your site: ‘The Connection Is Not Private’.

To resolve this issue, simply follow the instructions outlined below:

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Start by generating a new Certificate Signing Request (CSR). For instructions on how to do this, please select your relevant webserver from the options below:

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Once you’ve done this, log in to your 123 Reg Control Panel and select Manage opposite SSL within the Manage Active Products section.

Select Manage


Step 3 of 8

On the next page, select Reissue Certificate for the affected domain name.

Select Reissue Certificate


Step 4 of 8

A pop-up window will appear. Simply paste your new CSR into the provided text box and tick the SHA-2 check box if you would like to use SHA-2 encoding. Once done, select Reissue.

Enter CSR


Step 5 of 8

After you’ve done this, we’ll email you when your re-keyed SSL certificate is available again.


Step 6 of 8

Once you’ve received the confirmation email, return to the SSL Certificate management page and select Download Certificate for the affected domain name.

Download Certificate


Step 7 of 8

You’ll now be given the CSR for your SSL certificate. Copy the displayed code and paste it into a separate document so that you have a saved copy of it.

copy CSR


Step 8 of 8

Next, you’ll need to install your certificate. For instructions of how to do this, please select your server from the options below:

Once you’ve done this, any visitors using macOS 11.4 and iOS 14.6 will no longer receive the warning message.