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New account password policy - September 1st

Created: 26 August 2016, 16:26
Last Updated: 07 September 2016, 11:48

Updated : 7th September

We are continuing to process the expired password deactivation list. This is going very well with no disruption to service. Thank you to all customers for your support.

Created : 26th August

As you may have already read in our Newsletter, on our Blog or in an email, we require that all customers update their passwords to meet new policy standards.

Until September 1st you can login to your account as normal and change your password, just scroll down to 'Change your password'.

After September 1st, once your account has processed, you will need to use the forgotten password feature to send you a password reset email, as your old password will no longer be valid.

Once you have updated your password using either method you can then use your new password as normal.

You can read more on our blog here;

For those that received an email mentioning August 1st, please accept my apology for the mistake.

Delayed emails to Virgin Media / Blueyonder

Created: 16 September 2016, 16:29
Last Updated: --

When sending emails to some external providers such as Virgin Media or Blueyonder, you may find that your email is not being delivered straight away. This is due to changes on the receiving side which are, as a result, delaying email delivery from various email providers - 123 Reg included.

Unfortunately, changing this / re-configuring their incoming email servers is not something under our control, but rest assured the emails will remain in our queue and we will continue to attempt delivery until they are being sent to the recipient.

123 Reg thanks you for your understanding.