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Email improvements – status update

Created: 31 May 2016, 18:38
Last Updated: 23 June 2016, 12:46

UPDATED : 23rd June
This morning one of the mail storage server clusters was running at high load resulting in connection issues and delayed email delivery to some email addresses. This was investigated and resolved by our system team and hardware vendor. Configuration tweaks to the server have been made to prevent that high load existing again in this way.

No matter how much testing we performed in preparation for the new mail platform we are never able to fully represent the live usage of the systems. As the new email platform beds in there may be some live issues, such as today, which will need immediate response and resolution. Our team are on standby 24/7, alongside the hardware solution vendor to assist with any updates and configuration changes needed on the fly. Today the team mobilised quickly and resolved the issue fully, both fixing now and preventing another occurrence of this type.

We are still pleased to say that the email platform is running very well, giving overall speed improvements and Webmail performance, alongside great uptime.

UPDATED : 22nd June
All email migrations to the new upgraded storage platform have completed. Now that this has completed all email for all users will be running better than ever before.

We would like to thank you once more for your continued loyalty, support and understanding with 123 Reg while the migrations for upgrade have taken place.

UPDATED : 20th June
We are significantly through the bulk of the migration work. Due to the size of remaining mail accounts left to migrate resulting in a longer time offline for those email addresses we have limited processing not to run throughout the day. Migration work will begin in the evenings and continue through the night until business hours begin. We will continue in this method until the remaining accounts have migrated.

Again 123-reg thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding while these upgrades are completed to the email platform.

UPDATED : 13th June
Work has continued forward, we are about 30% through the upgrades. As before, if you do have a problem accessing your email, please wait a few minutes and try again. If you have a very large email box we ask you to wait a little longer before calling our service teams.

UPDATED : 10th June
With very successful migrations yesterday resulting in limited impact, we have beefed up the migrations for today. We will migrate tens of thousands of accounts during the course of the day, and work has already begun.

We want to remind you that while the migration is taking place you may have a few minutes where you can not connect to your email by your computer or mobile devices using email clients or Webmail.

In addition, if you login and things do not look normal, we ask that you log out, wait 2 minutes and log back in again. Your email software may still have an open session to the old server. By logging out, or waiting a couple of minutes, you ensure that you are then connecting to the new storage location.

UPDATED : 9th June
As part of our commitment to constantly improve our email platform, today we will begin the work of migrating 123 Reg email to our new storage platform. To ensure the success of this, we will start with 25 randomly chosen email accounts per server, in parallel. Once we are confident the migrations are going to plan, we expect to be able to increase this load.

During this process, each mailbox will be disabled, copied to the new storage, and enabled again. This process takes up to 10 minutes for a large email account (25+GB), however most email addresses will be offline during their migration for under a minute and you will not notice the seamless upgrade. Any email sent while the mailbox is disabled will be queued and delivered when the email address is enabled. This process will only happen once per email address.

We do regret that we will not be able to forewarn individual customers in advance of work taking place on email accounts.

123 Reg would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during these essential works.

UPDATED : 7th June
Our system team has the new platform in place, configured and setup. They are performing some migration and load bearing tests for the next 48 hours. At this point no customer email addresses are being moved. We will update this page later in the week when migration of email accounts begin.

Today we have had some high load on one of our email servers resulting in slow responses by Webmail, POP or IMAP. The load is reducing now and service is restoring to the normal levels. We are sorry for any delay in email access you have received.

UPDATED : 3rd June
We would like to inform email users that beginning on 6th June, as part of our continued investment to upgrade our email platform; we will begin work on migration of email accounts to a new storage platform. This work will be completed in the background and take several weeks to complete.

During this time, email users will not need to make any changes to their email client or account setup, all work is being performed on the backend systems with no frontend services being affected.

Whilst we have planned extensively and scheduled work to limit any email user facing impact during the migration, some email users may find that whilst their account is being migrated, some intermittent connectivity or display issues of emails in Webmail. This should last no more than a few minutes.

We will update this status page with any major changes, as well as to confirm when full upgrade work has been completed.

123 Reg would like to thank you for your continued support.

CREATED : 31st May
123 Reg fully understands the important role email plays for our customers. As part of our plan to constantly upgrade our technology in order to keep up with today’s email needs, we have recently invested in expanding the platform significantly. In the short term this will increase the capacity and performance of our customer storage platform, and over the next few months all our customers will be upgrading to a higher performance network storage platform using the latest technology.

As a result of these works, some customers have experienced intermittent issues when using our email platform over the past weeks. Whilst the majority of our upgrades happen without impact, we understand that these extensive improvements have caused frustration for some customers.

We’re incredibly sorry for this inconvenience and want to assure customers that the improvements being made to the email platform will have long term benefits to the performance of your email service. Over the next few weeks, you will begin to see these benefits in full and we will update as this progress continues.

We’re confident that customers will see significant improvements once these upgrades are in place, and we thank you for your continued patience.