123 Reg Popbox Migration Guide

This article will explain everything you need to know about 123 Reg’s upcoming Popbox Migration.

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I received an email that says I must migrate my Popbox - what does this mean/involve?

From 1st September 2021, 123 Reg will stop supporting the use of Popboxes and will be migrating customers over to Mailboxes, which provide better spam and anti-virus protection. Don’t worry though, it’s an incredibly quick and easy process in which you simply need to assign a domain name to your existing Popbox.

Although we will be performing automatic migrations in September, we recommend that you manually migrate your Popbox(es) yourself before then. That way, you can decide exactly which domain to assign your new Mailbox(es) to.

Furthermore, we cannot perform an automatic migration if you have multiple domain names in your 123 Reg account, as we will be unable to determine which one to associate the Mailbox(es) with. Should this occur, we will have no choice but to cancel and delete any remaining Popbox(es) you have.


What is a manual migration and how do I perform one?

A manual migration means that you will perform the process yourself. The benefit of this is that you can decide which domain name your migrated Mailbox(es) will use.

Simply follow the instructions outlined in the following guide to get started: Migrating your Popbox to a Mailbox

It should only take you a few minutes to complete this process and you won’t need any technical skills.


What will happen to my existing email quota?

If you have any existing or unused email quota in your 123 Reg account, this will be used to create your new Mailbox.

However, if you don’t have any existing quota available, you will be migrated to a paid Mailbox instead – Email Standard. This will cost £35.88 per year, which is the same price as a standard Popbox account.


What is email quota and how do I check it?

Our mailboxes work on a quota system – to create a mailbox, you will need to have an email quota available.

One of the great aspects of email quota is that it can be re-used throughout the duration of your contract, allowing you to easily replace any of your mailboxes. For example, if you’ve set up 3 mailboxes and realise that you need to change one of them, you can simply delete it and create another mailbox with your available quota.

For more information on how to view and amend your email quota, please read the following article: How to modify your mailbox quota


What happens if I don’t manually migrate my Popbox?

That depends on how many domains are currently in your 123 Reg account.

If you only have 1 domain name, we will automatically migrate your Popbox(es) for you starting from 1st September 2021 and use this domain for your new Mailbox(es).

However, if you have multiple domains on your 123 Reg account, we will cancel and delete any remaining Popbox(es) you have, as we will be unable to determine which domain name to associate the Mailbox(es) with.


What is an automatic migration?

As it sounds, an automatic migration means that we’ll carry out the process for you.

However, we recommend that you perform a manual migration as it means you can decide exactly which domain to assign your Mailbox(es) to.

Please note: an automatic migration will only be performed if you just have 1 domain name in your 123 Reg account. If you have multiple domains, we won’t be able to carry out an automatic migration (see question 1). Similarly, if you don’t have any domains, you will need to purchase or transfer one to your account (see question 8).


When is the automatic migration happening?

The auto-migration will start taking place from 1st September 2021. After this, 123 Reg will no longer be supporting Popboxes.


What if I don’t have a domain to migrate to?

If you don’t currently have any domain names with 123 Reg, you’ll need to purchase one or transfer a domain over from another provider.

Otherwise, you will receive the following message on the Migration page and won’t be able to complete the process.

Register a Domain


Should I backup my email contacts?

Although it won’t be necessary for you to do so, we recommend that you backup your email contacts as a precaution.

For details on how to do this, please read our Support article: Migrating your Popbox to a Mailbox


What if I want to migrate multiple Popboxes?

Not a problem! Simply repeat the process outlined above for each Popbox that you have.

If you have a large amount of Popboxes in your 123 Reg account, you can even contact our Support teams who will migrate them to a single domain name of your choice.


Will any of my data be affected by this migration?

No, all your data (which includes messages and contacts) will remain the same. Only the name of your email address will be changing.


Is there a fee for this?

The migration process is completely free.

However, as detailed on question 3, if you’re migrated to paid mailbox (Email Standard) after the process is completed, you will be charged £35.88 per year. You will also receive an invoice for your records shortly afterwards, which can be viewed by following our guide: How can I view/get a copy of an invoice?

From there, our systems will process your renewal at a later date, depending on when your package has expired:

  • If your Popbox has already expired prior to the migration, your renewal will be charged 1 month after the migration date.
  • If your Popbox has a future expiry date, your renewal will be processed on this date.


Do I need to change any of my settings afterwards?

Once the process has completed, you may wish to update the following:

  • Your email client settings – this will need to be updated to feature your new Mailbox address/username. Please see our Support article for more information on this: How do I set up an email client with 123 Mail?
  • Your email forwarders – please see our Support article for more information on this: Email Forwarding Explained
  • Outgoing server (SMTP) – make sure that this states 123-reg.co.uk for your new Mailbox.
  • Your username – this will change to be your new Mailbox address. Your new username can be used to access our Webmail service as well as to set up your Mailbox on any email clients.


What will happen to my email forwarders?

If you’ve set up email forwarding on your Popbox(es), you will need to update them so that they forward messages to your new Mailbox(es) address.

Please see our Support article for more information on this: Email Forwarding Explained.


What if I don’t want my Popbox to be migrated?

If you don’t wish to be moved to our newer Mailbox(es), you will need to cancel your Popbox(es) before 1st September 2021.

Otherwise, we may automatically migrate or cancel them for you, depending on how many domain names you have in your 123 Reg account.