How do I restore my files from the 'Restore' folder?

This article will show you how to restore your backup from the 'Restore' folder within your hosting package.

If a backup has been restored to your hosting webspace, it will have been placed in a folder titled ‘Restored’ within your files. After verifying these restored files, you will need to replace your existing ‘public_html’ folder with the one within the ‘Restored’ folder.

To access and restore these files, simply follow the instructions outlined below.

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Start by accessing File Manager for your hosting package.


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From here, double-click the folder public_html to open it.


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Empty the contents of your public_html folder by clicking Select All in the toolbar, followed by Delete.


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Next, return to the main directory by clicking Back in the toolbar.


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Double-click the Restored folder, followed by public_html.


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Click Select all in the toolbar.

From there, right-click your selection and choose Move from the drop-down menu.


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A pop-up window will now appear, asking where you want to move this folder to.

Enter public_html into the provided field and then click Move File(s).


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Your restored files should now be in the place of the original ‘public_html’ folder. When you navigate to the domain, these files will be the ones that are loaded.