Creating a website with Website Builder

Check out how simple it is to build your website with 123 Reg Website Builder

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Video 1

In this series of videos we will explore everything you need to know to get your website created and running online using 123 Reg website builder.

We will cover all aspects of using website builder and break them up into three bite sized videos.

So let’s get started,

The first thing we advise you to do is plan and prepare.

Visualise how you would like your site to be structured, the layout of content, and maybe the colours or styles you would like to see used.

By thinking about these decisions now will save you time when it comes to getting your website created later.

Ok now you have got an idea in your head let’s start by logging into website builder.

Go to and log into your control panel.

From here you need to scroll down to the create your website section and click the manage button. Now click on the Login button.

You will now be asked to choose a template, choosing a template can be really easy or for some super hard.

Just remember, you can change your template once you get started. This will allow you to try out different options.

For now try to pick something that looks similar to the layout sketches you created during your preparation and planning.

Once you have decided on a template click on it to select and then click on the Use template button.

Now before we get into creating your site we advise you to fill out your profile information, this will help save time and make adding content to your site much simpler as it will pre-fill content elements with your profile details.

Click on manage and then profile, from here you can upload your logo, enter your details and provide social media access.

Now we have finished planning and setting up, let’s jump into creating your website builder website in the next video.

Video 2

So in the previous video we planned out our website, chose a template and setup our profile details in website builder.

Now let’s get going with creating your website builder website.

To begin let’s think about the various pages you may wish to include on your website, pages such as the home page, about page, or contact us page.

You can add any kind of page you like but these are a few standard ones that most websites will have.

So to add a page click on Site, then on the add new page / folder button you will be given these options.

Well I want to add a page, so I will select that, I will then give it a title.

Now I can choose either a blank, copy or pre-set page type. For this page I will leave it as default which is blank.

Now click Add page.

If I wanted to add a folder in which to organise my pages I would follow the same process but all I need to enter is the folder name.

I can then click on a page and select the folder it sits in here.

Just click save to confirm this.

Now our website structure is created with the addition of our pages and folders we can start to add content to our pages.

All content can be added by clicking here on the add content button. You will then see a selection of elements that can be added to your web pages.

All you need to do to add a content element to the page is drag and drop it.

You can quickly start to build up a page by adding multiple content elements.

Using the plans we made in the previous video we can roughly layout the web page. Once you are happy you can start to edit the copy, make content changes and select the media you want to use.

If you click on an element you will see edit options for that element type appear in this side bar, make any changes you wish and then click on the save button.

So your website is starting to come together, now it is time to style it and add some finishing touches.

You can set global styles for all fonts, colours and backgrounds on your entire website by clicking on the theme button here and then going through the options to edit the styles.

On some elements it is possible to edit the individual look, for example any text can be altered by clicking on it and then using the formatting tools as shown here.

So our website is looking good and about ready to go live, in the next video we will learn about optimising your website for different screen sizes and how to publish your website.

Video 3

So in the previous video we learnt how to add pages, content and how to style your web pages.

Now that our website is coming together we need to make sure it looks and works ok on all sizes of device that viewers will access your website from.

Website builder has a great and simple to use responsive viewer. This allows you to see how your website will look on a desktop, tablet and mobile device.

Just click on one of the icons to change the view of your website. The view will show you exactly how your website will look on these types of devices once it is published.

It is at this point you should check to make sure all text and images look correct and whether you think some style changes could improve the look of your website on a different device view.

Once you are happy with your website you can publish it. Simply click on the publish button here then click on the publish button to confirm.

If you click the Go to site link or enter the domain name associated with your website into your browser you will see your live website. Don’t forget you can also check out your website on mobile devices too.

Now your website is live what next?

Well you can log in anytime to make updates or to restyle your site. No changes will go live until you republish your website which is very handy.

Say for example your website is going to change its look for a seasonal promotion you are running, you could get everything setup and ready then just click publish when the time is right.

Now you website is live you can also make the most of the management settings of website builder.

Just click on the manage button shown here.

From here you can update your profile information, add a favicon and input a google analytics code to start tracking the performance of your website.

You can also add SEO titles and keywords for your website to help improve your google ranking.

If you would like to learn more about SEO for Website Builder then click here.

So, that’s all it takes to get a 123 Reg website builder website created and published.

Why not get started today? Click on the link to find out more.