Designing your Online Shop

The following applies to designing your 123 Reg Online Shop.

Why not check out our video that shows you how to add products to your Online Shop.

Designing your Online Shop.

In your Online Shop, you have the choice to choose a template in which to work from. There is a large selection to choose from and they are organized according to different business sectors. You can then choose different variations of the same template and some allow you to choose different colours. When choosing, make sure to pay attention to the preview window. There is also a paintbrush scale to indicate the level of customisation that a particular template allows, the more paintbrushes, the more customisable.

Quick Design is one method of designing your eCommerce shop. Quick Design allows you to make quick and easy changes to the overall theme of your shop, such as font and colour. When using Quick Design, you’ll be asked if you want to create a backup copy. This is so that once you have started the design, you have a copy to go back to if needed.

If you wish to make more advanced changes use the Advance Design function. Advanced Design is where you can completely modify the look and functionality of your shop. You can place images, change page dimensions, and insert page elements. Page elements are split up into different topic areas and consist of categories and products, shopping baskets and orders, payment and more. To insert a page element, click on ‘Insert Page Element,’ select the required element and click ‘Insert.’

To make changes to your product pages, click on the Content/Categories tab and select ‘Preview.’ From here you can edit the overall appearance of your product pages including the layout, products shown, and information on the page.

‘My Styles’ is where your backups are saved and in here you have the ability to create different shop styles which can be easily swapped, which allows you to instantly change the style of your site, for example on holidays or in changing seasons.