How can I add SagePay to my Online Shop?

This article applies to 123 Reg Online Shop Packages

This article will show you how you can implement SagePay into your Online shop.

SagePay is a trusted payment method used with online shops. Using SagePay provides a well known method for customers to spend money on your store. Using trusted methods such as SagePay means that your customers will know they are going to be able to depend on your shop, making them more likely to buy your products and services.

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    From the Menu bar at the top of the page, select Payment from the drop down menu.

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    This will open your payment methods screen. SagePay will already be present in your list of payment methods, but won't be active yet. Click the Complete It button to get started.

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    Now you need to Create your SagePay account. Click on the Register link and follow the on screen instructions. If you already have a SagePay account, log in to your Account and skip to the next step.

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    Once logged in to your SagePay account, access the Account Parameters section of the Administration section. Here you must add the IP of your Online Shop, and the Subnet mask.

    Subnet Mask for IP Address:

    Subnet Mask : (/25)

    IP Address :

    Net Block size : 128(2^7) addresses

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    Now return to your Online Shop. You need to add your Vendor name in the SagePay settings window, and you can customise the service with some of the other options on Screen. Once complete, click Save.

Tip: Leave the Operational Mode as Test if you would like to test how SagePay works. Switch it to Live to allow customers to use this payment method.