How can I create and display a menu in Website Builder?

Creating a Menu in Website Builder

This will show you how to create and display a menu on your Website Builder website. This is a great tool for anyone looking to create a website for their restaurant of cafe, can also be used to create price listings for selling services – for example, it could easily be re-purposed by a mechanic to display the price lists for their services.

This feature is applicable to multiple versions of the Website Builder platform, so please use the options below to find the appropriate instructions for the package you are using. If you are not sure which version of Website Builder you are using, you can use this article to check.

Please note: This feature is only available with our Pro and Online Shop packages.

Website Builder 8

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From the Widgets menu, drag and drop the Restaurant Menu widget into place.

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You can choose to import your menu as a CSV, get one from another website, or create your own. In this tutorial we will create our own.

You can add categories and items by clicking on the relevant buttons, and rearrange your items by dragging the cards around your list.

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When you add an item, you can add an image, title, description and cost. You can select your currency in the section underneath where you add new items.

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Click on the design tab to edit the look and feel of your menu, as well as how it will display on your page.

Website Builder 7

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Start by dragging and dropping the menu widget from the Add Content section to the area of the page you want the menu to display in. When your menu is already created, then it will display here. If you’re yet to create a menu, this will be blank for now.

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Click on the widget and then click on the Edit Menu button.

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Click on the Add Section button to add the first section of your menu. You can use these sections to break down your menu by course, or to split your menu. Maybe you have a lunch menu, and an evening menu. Don’t forget, you can add individual sections to your website, rather than the entire menu.

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Enter in the section details, and then click the Save Section button.

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You can either start adding your items straight away, by clicking on the Add Item button, or click the Add Sub-Section button to further break down your menu. When you add a Sub-Section, you will be able to enter the same kinds of information you entered for your section.

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Add in the information for your item. You can set the price, and by clicking on the Allergy and Nutrition drop down, select the spice levels, and other allergy information. Click the Save Item button to confirm the changes.

Once you have populated your menu, return to the page where you originally placed the menu widget. You should now see your menu page.