How can I import content from an existing website into Website Builder?

This article will show you how to import content into your Website Builder package.

Here we will show you how to use the Website Builder import tool to collect images and contact information from your pre-existing website and add it into your new Website Builder package.

Please note: this article only applies to Version 8 of our Website Builder. If you’re not sure which version you have, you can find out by reading this article.

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Start by logging in to your Website Builder package.


Step 2 of 7

From there, select Content in the left-hand menu.

Select Content


Step 3 of 7

Click Import Content from the menu that appears.

Click Import Content


Step 4 of 7

A pop-up window will now appear. Simply enter the URL of the website you would like to import content from and click Import.

Click Import


Step 5 of 7

You will now see an overview of the content that will be imported into your Website Builder package. If you’re happy to proceed, select Save.

Otherwise, you can click Try again to enter a different website URL or Cancel if you don’t wish to continue.

Select Save


Step 6 of 7

Once done, you can then choose to update your website using your newly imported information by selecting Yes.

Select Yes


Step 7 of 7

Depending on the information you’ve imported, this will open a find and replace tool. Simply click Replace on the items you wish to replace, or Skip on areas you don’t wish to replace.

Once complete, click Finish.