How can I import my WordPress blog into Website Builder Website?

This will show you how to import your current WordPress blog content into your Website Builder blog. This will allow you to keep your preexisting content from your old blog, and manage it from your new website.

Please note: This feature is only applicable to Website Builder Version 7.

If you are unsure which version of Website Builder you are running, you can check using this FAQ.

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First you must export the blog posts you wish to move from your old WordPress blog. You will find this in the Tools section of your WordPress admin console, under Export. You can select to bring over all of your content, or just posts and pages, and even just posts in specific categories or date ranges.

Click the Download Export File button and save the .XML file you can download.

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Click on the Blog button from the left hand menu bar, and then select the WordPress import link from the Blog submenu.

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You must now select the file you wish to import. This will be the .XML file you downloaded in Step 1. Click on the Choose File button, and then select the .XML file. You can choose to publish all your content straight away, or leave it unpublished for now.

Click the Import button to continue.

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You will see a confirmation message confirming that you have Imported your posts.

Step 5 of 5

You will now be able to manage your WordPress posts from your Blog menu in Website Builder.