How do I add Alt Tags to my website’s images?

This article will show you how to add Alt Tags to any images on your website.

Adding Alt Tags to all your images is an effective way of improving your site’s ranking on Google. Not only do they allow search engines to index your site but they also make it easier for people browsing for specific items to come across your images, based on the keywords featured within them.

Since this process differs depending on which version of our Website Builder tool you have, select your version from the list below and follow the instructions provided to get started:

If you’re not sure which version of Website Builder you have, you can find out by reading this article.

Version 9

Please note: this feature is only available for images that are part of an Image Gallery section.

Step 1 of 5

Start by logging in to your Website Builder package.

Step 2 of 5

From there, find and select the image you want to update.

Step 3 of 5

Enter your copy into the Image Description field that appears within the right-hand menu.

Step 4 of 5

Click Done to save your changes.

Step 5 of 5

Your website will now be updated to use your chosen theme.

Version 8

Step 1 of 2

Start by logging in to your Website Builder package.


Step 2 of 2

From there, select the image you wish to update, and a pop-up window will appear.

Simply enter your Alt Tag into the provided field. You can even include a tooltip that appears when a visitor hovers their cursor over your image. Any changes you make will be saved automatically.

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