How do I add an image to my InstantSite blog?

This article will explain how to add an image to your blog on your InstantSite package

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Start by logging in to your InstantSite package.


Step 2 of 9

Click on the Edit link.


Step 3 of 9

Click on the relevant page in the site map panel where your blog is located.

Step 4 of 9

Choose to create a new post or to edit an existing post, then press the Insert/Edit Image button.

Step 5 of 9

This will open the image properties tab.

Step 6 of 9

Click on the Upload tab. Browse for the image on your computer and then press the Send it to the Server button to continue.

Step 7 of 9

Then from the Image Info tab you can edit the URL, Alternative text, size and spacing of the image.

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If you want to have the image as a link you can set it on the Link tab.

Step 9 of 9

If required you can configure some advanced settings for your image, press the OK button when you are ready to continue.

You have now successfully added a image to your InstantSite blog post.

Please note: You will need to publish your InstantSite in order to see this change online