How do I add an image to my InstantSite blog

This article will explain how to add an image to your blog on your InstantSite package

Step 1 of 10

Login to your 123 Reg control panel, scroll down to the Create your website section and click on the InstantSite icon.


Step 2 of 10

Click on the Login button next to the relevant InstantSite package.


Step 3 of 10

Click on the Edit link.


Step 4 of 10

Click on the relevant page in the site map panel where your blog is located.

Step 5 of 10

Choose to create a new post or to edit an existing post, then press the Insert/Edit Image button.

Step 6 of 10

This will open the image properties tab.

Step 7 of 10

Click on the Upload tab. Browse for the image on your computer and then press the Send it to the Server button to continue.

Step 8 of 10

Then from the Image Info tab you can edit the URL, Alternative text, size and spacing of the image.

Step 9 of 10

If you want to have the image as a link you can set it on the Link tab.

Step 10 of 10

If required you can configure some advanced settings for your image, press the OK button when you are ready to continue.

You have now successfully added a image to your InstantSite blog post.

Please note: You will need to publish your InstantSite in order to see this change online