How do I change the billing cycle for my Online Store?

This article will show you how to change the billing cycle for your Online Store package.

To change the billing cycle for your Online Store, please follow the steps below.

Please note: this article only applies to Version 8 of our Online Store. If you’re not sure which version you have, you can find out by reading this article.

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Start by logging in to your legacy Control Panel. For details on how to do this, please read the following article: How do I access and manage my products?


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From there, select Online Shop within the ‘Manage active products’ section. Next, select Manage opposite Manage websites.

Manage Online Shop


Step 3 of 6

You will now be taken to a new page where you’ll see your purchased packages.

02 - Listed packages

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From here, click Options for the site you wish to amend and then choose Billing from the drop-down menu that appears.

03 - Billing


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On the next page, click Change opposite Billing period.

04 - Billing period

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Then select your new billing period from the drop down list and click confirm to save your changes.