How do I edit text on my InstantSite?

This article will show you the different options you have for editing text on your InstantSite website.

Text Size

InstantSite will allow you to change the size of your text, allowing you to create headings and subheading, or just to add emphasis to areas of your text. Simply highlight the text you wish to edit, and use the options in the size dropdown box to select the size you require.


InstantSite comes with a range of fonts to allow you to personalise the look and feel of your InstantSite website. Simply highlight the text you wish to edit, then select your chosen font from the Font dropdown list.

Text Styling

You can use text styling to emphasis areas of your text. These are the usual options that you are familiar with from word processors such as Microsoft Word: Underline, Bold, Italics and Strike through. You can also add Subscript or Superscript. Simply highlight the text you wish to style, then use the respective buttons in the tool bar to make the changes. You can even use combinations of text styling at the same time.

Text Alignment

You can also align your text on the page. Highlight the text you wish to align, and then use the toolbar buttons to right align, left align, centralize or justify your text.

Text Colour

You can change the text colour and add background colour to your text, or even do both! Simply highlight the text you wish to change, then use the Text and Background colour swatch dropdowns in the tool bar.