How do I insert a map in Website Builder?

This will show you how to add a map widget to your website, and then customise it to suit your needs. You can use maps to highlight points of interest, such as your office location, or the meeting point for your club’s next cricket match.

This feature is applicable to multiple versions of the Website Builder platform, so please use the options below to find the appropriate instructions for the package you are using. If you are not sure which version of Website Builder you are using, you can use this article to check.

Website Builder Version 8

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From the widgets menu, drag and drop the Map widget to place it on your page.

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Here you can customise your map. Make sure your address is accurate so that your customers can find you. You might also want to consider setting a button for use on Mobile and Tablet devices – this means that these users won’t load your map in their webpage, instead they’ll see a button that they can press to open your map in the map application – which is a far nicer user experience.

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Under the Design tab you can customise the look and feel of the map on your page, including setting different display options for mobile and tablet devices.

Website Builder Version 7

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Select the Map widget from the Add Content panel in the top left corner of the screen. Drag the tile to the location on your site you want the map to appear on.

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You will now be able to enter the address of the location you wish the map to display. You can also change your zoom level and use the height bar to show how much of the page you wish the map to display on. Click Save to complete your changes.

Website Builder Version 6

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From widgets menu on the left hand side of the page, open the content section, and then drag and drop the Google Maps widget onto the area of that page you would like your map to display.

Add map widget

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Open the settings menu by clicking on the cog icon. Here you can customise your map. You can enter your address, add icons and change the type of map you display. When you’re done, simply click onto another area of your site to confirm your changes.Map settings