How do I make an image a link in Website Builder?

This article will show you how to use images to link to your files or other webpages.

By adding links to your images, you can direct your visitors to a specific product page, your dedicated gallery or an ‘About us’ page, helping to close a sale.

Since this process differs depending on which version of Website Builder you have, please select your version from the list below and follow the instructions provided to get started:

If you’re not sure which version of Website Builder you have, you can find out by reading this article.

Version 9

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Start by logging in to your Website Builder package.

Step 2 of 5

From there, find and click the image you want to add a link to.

Step 3 of 5

Click the toggle for Add Link within the right-hand menu.

Step 4 of 5

Next, select where you want your image to take visitors. This can include a page on your website, a third-party website, a phone number, an email address or your products.

  1. If you chose Page, you’ll need to select which page you want visitors to be taken to.
  2. If you chose Website URL, you’ll then need to enter the web address for that site.
  3. If you chose Phone, you’ll need to select your country and then enter your contact number.
  4. If you chose Email, you’ll need to enter the main email address that visitors will be messaging and what the default subject line and body text will be.
  5. If you chose Products, you’ll need to select which product category your visitors will be shown (i.e. Newest, Most Popular, etc)
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Once you’re happy with everything, click Done to return to the main site navigation menu.

Version 8

Step 1 of 3

Start by logging in to your Website Builder package.


Step 2 of 3

From there, click the image you want to link and then select Link image from the window that appears.


Step 3 of 3

A menu will now appear where you can choose what kind of link you would like to create. In particular, you can link to other pages on your site, to external sites, an email address and more. Any changes you make will be saved automatically.