How do I mobile optimise my Online Shop?

This article will explain how to optimise your Online Shop for mobile use

Optimising your Online Shop for mobile is becoming increasingly important. This article will tell you why, and how you can optimise your site.

With the advent of smartphones, the rate of internet browsing on mobile devices has increased exponentially and this trend is only set to continue.

Mobile browsing has become such an integral part of the online world that Google are changing their search algorithm to specifically highlight which websites have been optimised for mobile users. This means that, every time someone runs a Google search on their phone, their search results will show which sites will work best on their device, which, in turn, will lead to a higher percentage of clicks.

Google’s search algorithm is a closely guarded secret and includes over 200 search criteria. However, we do know that the new mobile update will include, for example, whether the website uses flash (which won’t work for most mobile browsers) or if the user will have to zoom in to be able to read the text when using a mobile device.

It stands to reason that optimising your website for mobile use is going to give you a great return on investment, as Google will favour your site over other, non-mobile optimised sites.

You are now able to optimise your Online Shop for mobile visitors through your Online Shop control panel. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1 of 3

Log in to your Online Shop package and click on Settings. Then select General Settings from the drop down menu.

Online Shop General Settings

Step 2 of 3

Use the drop down menu from the Mobile View option and select the Optimised for mobile shop option.

Optimise for mobile shop

Step 3 of 3

Hit the Save button at the bottom of the page to confirm your changes.

Save your changes

You can view the mobile version of your shop, exactly how your customers do, straight from your smartphone’s browser. You can also view your shop’s mobile view directly from your Online Shop administration area.

Simply click the mobile button from the preview bar in the top right hand corner of the window.