How do I upgrade my Make Me A Website package?

This article will show you how to upgrade your Make Me A Website package. This will allow you to add extra pages to your site, receive extra mailboxes and give you additional features.

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    Login to your 123 Reg Control Panel and scroll down to the Create a Website section. Click on the Make Me A Website option.

  • Step 2 of 4

    This will take you to an overview page showing your available packages. Click on the Manage button for the package in question.

  • Step 3 of 4

    On the right hand side of the page, you will see an Additional features panel. Simply click the Upgrade Package button.

  • Step 4 of 4

    This will open up the package comparison window. Pick the package that best suits your needs, and the billing period you prefer, and click the Upgrade me button.This will open up the Checkout where you can follow the onscreen instructions to complete your upgrade.