How do I use the Contact Form widget?

This article will show you how to add a Contact Form to your website.

Setting up a contact form allows visitors to your site to directly enquire about your services by filling out a unique form, which is then sent to an email address that you specify.

Since this process differs depending on which version of Website Builder you have, please select your version from the list below and follow the instructions provided to get started:

If you’re not sure which version of Website Builder you have, you can find out by reading this article.

Please note: You can also add forms from third-party websites, such as and, by using the Embed tool. For more information about this, please read our article: How do I use the embed widget on my Website Builder website?

Version 9

Step 1 of 6

Start by logging in to Website Builder.

Step 2 of 6

From there, add a new section to your page.

Step 3 of 6

In the right-hand menu that appears, select Contact and then choose Contact Us.

Step 4 of 6

A list of options will now appear. Click Add below any section that features a contact form.

Step 5 of 6

After a few moments, your contact form will be added to your page. For more details on changing its settings, please read the following article: How do I customise my Contact Us section?

Step 6 of 6

Once you’ve done this, click Done to save your changes.

Version 8

Step 1 of 4

Start by logging in to your Website Builder package.


Step 2 of 4

From there, select Widgets in the left-hand menu.

Select Widgets


Step 3 of 4

Scroll down to the Business section, and then drag and drop the Contact Form widget wherever you want it to appear on your page.

Select Contact Form widget


Step 4 of 4

A pop-up window will now appear where you can customise the content and layout of your contact form.

Under the Content tab, you can create new fields by clicking Add field and edit any existing fields by selecting its name within the window. You can also add reCAPTCHA verification to ensure you only get submissions from real people, and not bots.

Edit Form content

Under the Design tab, you can change the layout, alignment and colour of your form to match the overall style of your website.

Edit Form design