How to add a 2nd level page on InstantSite?

This article will explain how to add a 2nd (lower) level page on InstantSite.

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Start by logging in to your InstantSite package.


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Click on the Pages link.


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To add a page click on the check box next to Common Page and then click on the Right Arrow button to add the page.

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Double click on the page title to change the name of the page.

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In the Site Structure window click on the check box next to the relevant page and then click on the Right button to move the page to a 2 level page.

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The Site Structure will look as illustrated below.

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Finally click on the Save Changes button.


Please Note: If you already have 10 top level pages, you will not be able to add another page. You will need to temporarily delete a top level page so you can add a page and move it to the 2nd level.