How to add a price list for your Online Shop

This article applies to the 123 Reg Online Shop package

This article will show you how to set a Price List through your Online Shop package. Price Lists have many uses, for example, you could offer a discount to your regular customers or offer a discount on orders over a set price. Follow the steps below to set one.

Please note: These steps only apply to packages bought before October 2015.

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From the menu bar at the top of the page, select the Products tab, and then click on the Price Lists option from the drop down menu.

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Name the Price list you want to create, and give it a unique ID. You can also set a date range for your price list’s duration. Click the Save button to create your new price list.

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To customise your new Price List, click on the ID of the list.

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Click on the Shopping basket discount button, this will allow you to apply discounts to your list.

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To apply a discount, enter the minimum amount required to trigger the discount. Enter the percentage value of the discount into the discount box.

Please note: You can also offer an absolute value, instead of a percentage discount. For example, instead of something costing £50, you can set it to cost £40.

Simply enter in your absolute value into the specified box, and leave the discount field empty.

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You can even add multiple discount thresholds into the price list, for example, for a £50 order, you can add a discount of 5%, and a discount of 10% for orders of £100.

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Finally, click on the Customer groups tab, and select the group you wish to apply the price list to from the drop down list. Finally, click the Save button to finish the process.