How do I add products to sell on my Online Store?

This article will show you how to add products to your ecommerce website

Adding products to your Online Store is essential so you can start selling them as soon as possible.

Since this process differs depending on which version of Online Store you have, please select your version from the list below and follow the instructions provided to get started:

If you’re not sure which version of Online Store you have, you can find out by reading this article.

Version 9

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Start by logging in to your Online Store.

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From there, click Store within the right-hand menu.

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On the next page, select Add Product.

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Here you’ll be able to add details about your new product. The most important fields include:

  1. Product type: whether you want to sell a physical or digital product.
  2. Product name: the title of your product.
  3. Image: upload up to 10 .JPG, .JPEG or .PNG files of your product. These must not be more than 10MB in size.
  4. Price: how much your product will cost.
  5. Sale Price: the discounted price of your product (if applicable).
  6. SKU: the unique, internal label for your product.
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You can also include additional, optional details for your product within the following sections:

  1. Description: add a quick summary of your item.
  2. Downloadable Content (digital files only): the file that your customers will receive.
  3. Inventory & Options: set the amount you have for your product and create options for your product, such as different colours and sizes. You can also provide add-ons, such as personalisation, gift wrapping, engraving and more.
  4. Shipping: set the size and weight of your product and how much shipping should cost for it.
  5. Search Engines: change the URL for your product.
  6. Identifiers: add product identifiers to better list your products on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.
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Once you’re happy with everything, click Save to add your product or Save and Add Another if you want to create more items.

Version 8

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From your Online Shop control panel, select the Products tab from the Catalog section. This will allow you to manage your products. Click on the New Product button to create a new product.

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Add information for your new product. Give it a name, image and description so that your customer can easily find it. There are several other options on each of these tabs, but the items in the General tab are required to create your product.

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You can also assign the product to a category so that customers can easily find what they’re looking for in your shop. This will also help to display your products nicely on your website.

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When you are ready to complete your new product, give it a price and click the Save and Close button to complete the product.