How to add a shopping basket discount

A price list allows you to give a shopping basket discount to a selected customer group of your choosing. To create a price list, please follow the steps below:

Since this process differs depending on which version of Online Store you have, please select your version from the list below and follow the instructions provided to get started:

If you’re not sure which version of Online Store you have, you can find out by reading this article.

Please note: this article only applies to our Online Store Premium plan.

Version 9

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Start by logging in to your Online Store.

Step 2 of 6

From there, click Online Store in the top-left corner and select Dashboard from the list of options.

Step 3 of 6

On the next page, select Marketing in the left-hand menu and then choose Coupons.

Step 4 of 6

You will now be taken to the Coupons page. Click Add to get started.

Step 5 of 6

Enter necessary details for your voucher code into the provided fields. This includes the following:

  1. Coupon code: what customers will need to enter on your checkout page.
  2. Type: the currency your coupon applies to
  3. Start/end date: how long you want your coupon to last for. If, however, you don’t want it to have an expiry date, click the Never end option.
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Once you’ve done this, click Save to complete the process.

Version 8

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Start by logging in to your Online Store.

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Select Ecommerce from the left-hand menu and then click Manage Store.

Step 3 of 7

From your shop dashboard, click on the Discounts option on the left hand side of the page, then select discount coupons. Here you can edit your existing coupons, or create a new one by clicking Add New Coupon.

Add new coupon

Step 4 of 7

First you can name the coupon and set the type of discount you would like to offer. Your discount code will be automatically generated, but you can customise it to something more memorable.

Setup coupon

Step 5 of 7

You can customise the duration of the coupon by clicking on the dates.

Coupon date range

Step 6 of 7

If you would like to limit the use of the coupon, you can do. This means you can make it apply to certain customer types, or for certain products etc.

Discount options

Step 7 of 7

Finally, save your coupon by clicking on the Save button.

Save your coupon