How to add an eKomi shop rating to my Online Shop?

This article applies to 123 Reg Online Shops

eKomi is a third party, online review tool. Signing up to eKomi will allow you to offer your customers a way to leave feedback on your site, which not only enables you to see where you need to improve, but also to take advantage of some great reviews to help build your business and customer base.

This article will explain how to add an eKomi Shop Rating to your Online Shop website.

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Start by logging in to your Online Shop package.


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Click on the Marketing button in the toolbar.

Marketing menu

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Click on the eKomi Shop Rating option under the Marketing tab.

Ekomi marketing

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Follow the steps outlined on the page and sign up with eKomi. You can also adjust certain settings here, including adding an eKomi customer rating widget to your shop design.

You can also set an email to be sent from to a customer after they have made a purchase from your store, asking for a rating.

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