How to add personalised products to your Online Shop

This article applies to 123 Reg Online Shops

This article will show you how to allow your customers to customise your products. Whether it be putting their own text or logos on your t-shirts, or adding a personalised message to a bottle of wine, you can offer your customers their own bespoke version of your best products.

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Select Products from the menu bar, and then click on Products from the drop down menu.

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Select the product you wish to allow customisation for by clicking on the product name.

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Select the Customization tab.

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Activate Customization using the radio buttons, and add any instructions you wish the customer to see in the box below.

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Now, you need to specify which areas of your product you will allow the customer to customize. Drag the grey rectangles from the box on the right, onto the image of your product. You can scale and resize the boxes to position them how and where you want on the image.

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You now need to specify whether the customer can add text or images, or both, to your products. Use the Add text field and Add image selection buttons to ensure that your customers are able to customise the product to their specifications. Click the Save button to confirm the changes.