How to choose which countries can purchase from your shop

This article applies to 123 Reg Online Shops

This option will save you having to send to countries that you do not wish to deliver to. When purchasing and adding their delivery address the customer will only be able to choose countries you select to be in the drop down.

To choose which countries can purchase from your shop, please follow the steps below:

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From the store management panel, select Shipping & Pickup, then select Zones.

Pickup zones

Step 2 of 5

Create a new zone by clicking on the Add New Zone button.

Add new zone

Step 3 of 5

Name your new zone, and then begin adding countries and/or regions to it.

Configure your zone

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You can search for specific areas by using the check boxes to select multiple locations, or just click on the blue plus icon next to the location you would like to add to your zone.

Add countries

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You can also add States to your locations – allowing you to only deliver to certain areas of a specific country or area.

Add states