How to crop an image in InstantSite

This article will explain how to crop an image on your InstantSite.

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Login to your 123 Reg control panel and scroll down to the Create your website section and click on the InstantSite icon.


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Click on the Login button next to the relevant InstantSite package.


Step 3 of 8

Click on the Edit link.


Step 4 of 8

Click on the relevant page with the image you want to crop.


Step 5 of 8

Select the image and then click on the Crop Image button on the toolbar.

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Here you can select by how many pixels you want to crop the image and drag the highlighted area to the portion of the image you wish to show, click on the OK button to continue.

Step 7 of 8

Your image will now be cropped.

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Press the Save button to confirm the change.

Please note: You will need to publish your InstantSite in order to see this change online