How to delete a widget from my page in Website Builder?

This will allow you to remove the elements on your page if you'd like to redesign your page or change you're style.

This feature is applicable to multiple versions of the Website Builder platform, so please use the options below to find the appropriate instructions for the package you are using. If you are not sure which version of Website Builder you are using, you can use this article to check.

Website Builder Version 8

Step 1 of 1

Simply mouse over the item you wish to delete, and then click the small, red X to delete it.

Website Builder Version 7

Step 1 of 2

Find the widget you wish to remove from your page. In this example, we will be using a simple image widget.

Step 2 of 2

Mouse over the widget and an overlay will display. Click on the X icon in the top right hand side of the overlay, and your widget will be removed.

Website Builder Version 6

Step 1 of 2

In the design view main window select the widget you wish to delete. For this example, we will be using a simple Image widget.

Click the red X in the pop up box above the widget.

Step 2 of 2

Click the confirm button in the pop-up box to confirm deletion of the widget.

Your widget will now be deleted.