How to sell downloadable products via your eCommerce shop?

This video applies to 123 Reg eCommerce.

You can now sell downloadable products in the form of mp3s, PDFs, images, and more.

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    Start by logging into your 123 Reg eCommerce package through the 123 Reg Control panel.

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    Once logged in, you can start the process of adding a downloadable product. Click on Products then New and then select Downloadable Product.

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    You can now fill out the product details including the product number, visibility, name, and URL, as well as the price and various other options shown here. Once filled out, click the Save button at the bottom.

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    You can now upload your file that you are selling.

    Please Note: The maximum upload file size is 15MB to store it on your eCommerce package. For files that are a larger size than this, you can attach the file from another server.

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    You can now decide how long the download will be available for the customer after purchase and the number of times they are allowed to download it. Once completed, click on the Save button.

Now you have uploaded your downloadable product. You can go through and add images, previews, variation, cross selling, and all of the standard options available when creating a new product for your online shop.