How to set up Safebuy

This article applies to 123 Reg Online Shops

This article will show you how to set up Safebuy with your online shop. Safebuy is an independent accreditation service that will give legitimacy to your site. When your potential customers see that you are registered with Safebuy, they will feel confident that they can trust you, your company, and your website.

To set up Safebuy for your 123 Reg Online shop please follow the steps below:

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Click Marketing then select Safebuy from the dropdown.

Here you must enter your Safebuy Certificate URL and upload your Safebuy Seal; this is provided to you once you sign up with Safebuy. To acquire this URL you can click on Register with Safebuy, this will send you to Safebuy website.

Once you have signed up and entered your URL and seal correctly into the package you will be able to use the Safebuy Seal on your shop.

Safebuy is a 3rd Party Product their terms of use can be found at