How you can attach the information on withdrawal to e-mails from your shop

This article applies to your 123 Reg ecommerce package

This article will explain some new regulations for your eShop, based on a new Consumer Rights Directive that is coming into effect on 13th June 2014.

You are now able to attach the information on withdrawal to various e-mails which your customers receive automatically from your shop.

When your customer performs an action on your site – for example, placing an order, they may trigger an email. It is now possible to ensure that your withdrawal information is attached to selected emails as a PDF file.

How do I attach the information on withdrawal to certain emails from my shop?

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In the administration area in the main menu, select Settings and then Order Document Settings.

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Next, select Right of Withdrawal in emails. Here, you can see a list of all automatically sent emails, to which you can attach the information on withdrawal.

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In the column Attach right of withdrawal as a PDF file, select all of the emails you wish to attach the information about withdrawal to.

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Save the changes.

The current version of your withdrawal information will now be attached to these emails. You can change the text by selecting Content/Categories > Datasheet view > Right of Withdrawal, and then editing the Long Description field.

How do I determine the events that are triggering automatic emails?

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In the administration area of the main menu, select Settings and then Order Document settings.

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Here, you can see an overview of all email events. They are divided into emails to the user (your customer) and emails to the administrator (you). To activate an email event, tick the relevant box in the  Active column.

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Save the changes.

Now, whenever any of these events occur, an email will automatically be triggered.

Please note: Some email events cannot be deactivated – for instance, the email for new registrations.