I have purchased 123 Reg Website Builder, what next?

This FAQ will help you to get started with your Website Builder package

Here we cover your initial steps after purchasing a Website Builder package, including picking your colour scheme and importing some of your existing content.

Purchasing Website Builder allows you to create a stunning, professional looking website for your business without having to learn how to code.

Website Builder uses a great drag and drop system which lets you choose what you want on your page, and place it exactly when you want it.

Your first steps

Once you’ve selected your domain name, and bought a Website Builder package, you’re good to go. You can begin creating your site by choosing from a range of templates which are a great starting point for any user. There are a variety of templates in different styles and colour schemes that will help jump start your website. Simply pick the one that you feel will give you the best starting point for your website – but don’t worry, you’ll be able to customise and change areas of your template later.

If you already have a website online, or run your own business Facebook page, you can use the import content tool to pull the best of your existing content from the page and into your new website. This means that you can keep all of the cool images and content you already have, and add them to your new and improved website.

You can now begin to add text to your site, as well as images and videos using the content elements within Website Builder.

Make sure you plan out where you want content on your pages, and what content is within a page. Learn more about laying out and designing your site here.