Using the 123 Reg Online Shop administration features

This article applies to 123 Reg Online Shops

This article will show you how to use the new administrative tools within your Online Shop package.

Inline Editing

Inline editing is a time-saving feature that allows you to quickly and easily edit areas of your product inventory. For example, you can use this to edit stock levels and prices of products.

To use this feature, open your products window and hover your mouse cursor over the item you wish to edit. Click on the pencil button to edit the item.

You can then edit the selected information.

After you have entered your desired change, press the Enter button to complete the process.

Quick Batch Processing

The quick batch processing feature allows the user to complete multiple tasks at once. For example, assigning customers to newsletter campaigns and marking products for special offers.

This is done by using the tick box function displayed on most lists, then using the tools located at the top of the page.

For example, the products page:

Interactive Checklists

The interactive checklist function provided a step-by-step list of every area of your eShop that needs to be configured to ensure your shop is fully-functional.

The checklist is found under the Start menu from the toolbar.

The checklist is made up of clickable links. Clicking on an item in the checklist will take you to the appropriate area of the package, allowing you to configure the page. Once you have completed the item, a green tick will display next to the appropriate item.

Customisable order and customer numbers

You can now edit customer and order numbers from within the Online Shop package. For example, you can choose to incorporate the order date into an order number.

This is found under the General Settings link, from the Settings tab.

Then click on Number Formats.

Here you can change the format for: Customer Numbers, Order Numbers, Invoice Numbers, Packing Slip Numbers, Credit Note Numbers and Product Numbers.