WebSite Builder Getting more done, faster

In this article we’d like to focus on the multitude of little things we’ve added in to make it faster and easier to build and design sites with WebSite Builder.

Rulers & Guides

Turn on Row & Column editing and you’ll be able to turn on a pixel ruler across your site. You’ll also be able to add draggable static guides to help you align content across your site. Of course, widgets will automatically snap to these guides to make it faster to line up lots of content.

We’ve also added “dynamic” guides. Those of you familiar with later versions of Powerpoint should be familiar with this feature, which displays guidelines as you drag widgets around. When the widget you’re dragging would line up with the center, top or side of a different widget on the page, a guideline will show that lets you snap the widget to that line. Another quick and easy way to get content arranged on your page.

Colour Picker

We’ve added a new colour picker that lets you more easily pick colours for text, backgrounds, and more – anywhere you need to pick a colour in the new system. You can pick from a selection of colours determined based on the colour swatch of the theme you’re on, or pick any colour as well as define your own custom swatches.

“Minimal” UI mode

SiteFusion has always had the Design and Preview modes, but sometimes you need something a bit in-between. You want to see a wider view of your whole site, but also have access to the basic widgets. Our new minimal mode is found by clicking the arrow next to the page list, and you’ll find a much wider view of your site waiting. We’re looking at letting you customise which widgets appear in this minimal mode down the line, so keep an eye out.

Media Tab

Our widgets, files and images tabs have been consolidated into just two tabs – widgets and media. The renovated media tab now has separate sections for files and images, with improved thumbnails and data for each. You can also search your files and images to find that one file you need out of a giant list, as well as sort the list alphabetically or by date.

New Manage & Dashboard

One of the big structure changes you’ll find with WebSite Builder is that the old Dashboard has been removed, and replaced with a consolidated Manage section. From here, you can manage all of your site settings as before.