What is Website Builder?

This article explains what a Website Builder is and how it can be used to create your website.

Website Builder is a website creation package full of features and widgets that help you to create the website that you want.

Website Builder allows you to build a website without requiring any technical knowledge at all. You simply log in online, choose a template for your site, define the structure of the pages – then add text, images and other elements.

Website Builder is different to other website builder tools because it gives you complete control over your site. You can customise it as little or as much as you like. The included templates give you lots of flexibility to move elements around at will using the simple drag and drop interface.

You can import images and embed videos, Twitter updates and feeds from other websites into your pages.

Additionally, the editing tools will allow you to directly edit your site’s underlying HTML and CSS code. Website Builder saves you heaps of time, without requiring you to settle for substandard code.

Websites created with Website Builder will display properly in all modern web browsers, even on a Mac operating system. However, the Website Builder site editor works best with the latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. We don’t recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Opera.