How can I move domain names between 123 Reg accounts?

This guide will explain how you can move 123 Reg registered domain names between accounts.

If you want to hand over the management of a domain between different 123 Reg accounts (i.e. for a client, or another member of your business), this can be done through two separate processes:

Please note: although transferring domain names between 123 Reg accounts is completely free, it does not transfer any other services that are associated with the domain name. Your DNS settings will not be transferred either and will have to be manually updated by the new domain owner.

From the account holding the domain name

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Start by logging in to your 123 Reg Control Panel.


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From there, select Domain Names within the ‘Manage active products’ section.

Next, choose your domain name from the provided list and then select Manage.

Manage Domain Names




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On the next page, select Inter-account transfer.

Select Inter-account Transfers


Step 4 of 4

Select the domain name you wish to transfer from the drop-down list.

Once done, enter either the username or email address of the 123 Reg account you wish to transfer the domain name to and then select Request Transfer.

Transfer domain


In the new account

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Now that you’ve completed the transfer process, return to your 123 Reg Control Panel.


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Next, select Domain Names within the ‘Manage active products’ section and then click Manage opposite Domain transfers.

If you don’t currently have any domain names in your 123 Reg account, please click here to access the Transfers page or click the provided link within the ‘Domain transfer’ email you will have received.

Manage Domain Transfers


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Here you’ll see a list of inbound domain transfers. Click Accept to complete the transfer or Cancel to reject it.

Determine transfer status

Please note: the domain transfer will only complete once the receiving account has accepted the transfer.


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If you accept the transfer, you will see a confirmation that the transfer is complete.

Transfer complete

Please note: transferring a domain from another registrar may be subject to a fee, depending on your domain’s extension. You can view our complete list of our prices on the following page: Transfer your domain name to 123 Reg.