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We offer free transfers on select domains, including!

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How to transfer a domain to 123 Reg in 4 easy steps:


Step 1

Unlock the domain you want to transfer at your current registrar.

Step 2

Search for your domain using the 123 Reg transfer tool.

Step 3

Enter your authorisation code to confirm the transfer.

Bulk Transfer

Step 4

Most domain transfers complete in 5-7 days.

Trust your domain with us

With 20+ years’ experience and more than 3 million domains under our management, you can rest assured that, when you transfer your domain to us, you’ll be in safe hands.

Our step-by-step guides will walk you through the entire process to ensure a quick and easy transfer from your current provider. Simply follow the steps provided below, and you won’t experience any downtime or interruption to your domain services!

Why transfer domain names to 123 Reg?

Quick, simple process

We've made domain name transfers as simple as possible by providing easy, step-by-step instructions you can follow to move from your current provider as quickly as possible.

Free and low-cost transfers

While some domains come with a free transfer, others come with a competitive price that will cover you until your next renewal date.

No downtime or disruption

Depending on the extension you’re moving over, transfer time is usually a few days. During this period, your domain will still work as normal and your search engine ranks will remain in place.


Easily manage domains

Once your domain transfer is complete, you’ll be able to make the most of all our great domain management features, including an intuitive control panel, full DNS control and web forwarding.


Worldwide domains

We’re here for more than .com and .uk. If we support your domain extension, you can transfer it to us.

Bulk Transfer2

Easy bulk transfers

Manage all your domains from one place with our bulk transfer tool. Access your Domain Control Centre and then manually type your domains or upload them as a spreadsheet.

Free transfer for selected domains


Domain extension


.ch,,,, .uk,

only £4.99


only £9.99

.work *

only £11.99

.eu, .info, .pictures *

only £12.99


only £13.99


only £14.99

.cymru, .futbol *, .nagoya, .name, .onl, .tk, .tokyo, .us, .wales, .yokohama

only £15.99


only £16.99

.net, .org, .ws

only £17.99

.com, group *, .me, .okinawa, .rocks *

only £19.99

.asia, .biz, .blue, .business *, .company *, .kim, .koeln, .moe, .pink, .red, .rip *, .shiksha

only £21.99

.cloud, .exposed *, .football *, .fun, .gratis *, .pw, .reisen *, .schule *, .soccer *, .space *, .supplies *

only £22.99

.info, .ninja *, .pro, .website *

only £24.99

.agency *, .band *, .center *, .city *, .dance *, .directory *, .education *, .equipment *, .fyi *, .gallery *, .games *, .graphics *, .institute *, .international *, .jetzt, .lighting *, .ltd *, .management *, .network *, .photography *, .photos *, .report *, .reviews *, .rodeo *, .run *, .solutions *, .supply *, .support *, .technology *, .today *, .vip *

only £26.99

email *, .soy *, .systems *, .tips *

only £29.99

.accountant, .bargains *, .beer *, .bid, .blog, .cheap *, .cooking *, .date, .download, .durban *, .faith, .family *, .fashion *, .fishing *, .fit *, .garden *, .horse *, .irish, .live *, .loan, .love, .men, .mobi, .news *, .party, .place *, .racing, .review, .science, .singles *, .studio *, .study, .surf *, .trade, .tube, .uno, .video *, .vodka *, .webcam, .wedding *, .wiki, .win, .yoga *

only £32.99

.airforce *, .army *, .associates *, .auction *, .bike *, .boutique *, .builders *, .cab *, .cards *, .care *, .cash *, .catering *, .chat *, .co, .coffee *, .community *, .computer *, .construction *, .contractors *, .cool *, .deals *, .democrat *, .direct *, .discount *, .engineer *, .enterprises *, .estate *, .events *, .exchange *, .express *, .fail *, .farm *, .fitness *, .florist *, .forsale *, .foundation *, .gifts *, .gives *, .gmbh *, .gripe *, .guide *, .haus *, .house *, .immo *, .immobilien *, .industries *, .kaufen *, .land *, .life *, .limited *, .marketing *, .mba *, .moda *, .money *, .navy *, .parts *, .plus *, .productions *, .properties *, .pub *, .rehab *, .rentals *, .repair *, .republican *, .sale *, .school *, .services *, .shopping *, .show *, .social *, .software *, .style *, .team *, .tools *, .town *, .training *, .vacations *, .vision *, .watch *, .works *, .world *, .wtf *, .zone *

only £34.99

.cc, .ink, .sarl *, .shop

only £36.99

.academy *, .buzz, .cafe *, .church *, .consulting *, .courses, .digital *, .domains *, .fish *, .guru *, .kiwi, .market *, .media *, .menu, .online *, .quebec, .saarland, .site *, .vet *

only £37.99

.la, .tv

only £39.99

.actor *, .bayern *

only £42.99, .london *, .rest

only £49.99

.condos *, .cruises *, .degree *, .lease *, .mortgage *, .viajes *

only £54.99

.apartments *, .berlin, .bingo *, .camp *, .capital *, .careers *, .claims *, .cleaning *, .clinic *, .coach *, .codes *, .coupons *, .dating *, .delivery *, .diamonds *, .dog *, .engineering *, .expert *, .finance *, .financial *, .flights *, .fund *, .furniture *, .glass *, .golf *, .healthcare *, .hockey *, .holdings *, .holiday *, .insure *, .jewelry *, .kitchen *, .limo *, .maison *, .memorial *, .partners *, .pizza *, .plumbing *, .recipes *, .restaurant *, .salon *, .shoes *, .ski, .surgery *, .tax *, .taxi *, .tennis *, .theater *, .tienda *, .tours *, .toys *, .university *, .ventures *, .villas *, .vin *, .voyage *, .wine *

only £59.99

.attorney *, .camera *, .dental *, .dentist *, .design *, .lawyer *, .legal *, .solar *, .store, .vegas

only £64.99

.black, .poker, .rent, .tech *

only £74.99

.archi, .bio, .build, .cricket, .fans, .global, .green, .health, .io, .press *, .vote

only £79.99

.bar, .college

only £84.99


only £99.99

.accountants *, .best, .ceo, .credit *, .doctor, .energy *, .fm, .gold *, .host *, .loans *, .tires *

only £109.99

.adult, .investments *, .porn, .sex, .xxx

only £149.99

.casino *, .creditcard *


.movie *








.auto, .car, .cars, .protection, .security


Moving your domain between 123 Reg accounts

If you'd like to transfer a domain from one 123 Reg account to another, you can do this straight from your Control Panel.

Please see the following Support article for step-by-step instructions on how to complete this: How can I move domain names between 123 Reg accounts?

    Domain Transfer

    Frequently asked questions about domain transfers

    Why should I transfer my domains to 123 Reg?

    With over 20 years’ experience, we pride ourselves on delivering a straightforward service that’s backed up by award-winning customer support.

    We don’t believe in nasty surprises either, which is why we show our transfer prices upfront. We even offer free transfers for all UK-specific domain names, such as .uk,, and

    How do I transfer my domains to 123 Reg?

    This can be done by following the instructions outlined below:

    1) Start by ‘unlocking’ the domain name that you wish to transfer with your current provider. Depending on its extension, you may also need to get its authorisation code. For details on how to do all this, please read the following article: Transferring third-party domain names to 123 Reg.

    2) Enter your domain into our search tool and select the option ‘Transfer my domain’ within the results.

    3) Continue to the checkout to submit your transfer fee. Even if you’re eligible for a free transfer, you will need to complete this step, although you won’t be charged anything.

    4) After you’ve done this, you’ll receive an email from the appropriate registry, asking you to approve the transfer. Follow the instructions within this email and your domain will be transferred to us shortly.

    If, however, the extension you'd like to transfer isn't listed, you won' be able to transfer that domain name to us.

    Need to transfer multiple domains? You can transfer up to 500 domains to 123 Reg at once with our bulk domain transfer tool. Simply access the Domain Control Centre within your 123 Reg account and then you can either enter each domain one-by-one, paste them in or upload them in a .CSV, .XLS or .XLSX file. If you’re not sure how to access our Domain Control Centre, please read the following article: How can I perform a bulk domain transfer?

    What happens when I transfer a domain?

    When you transfer a domain, only the domain moves to the new registrar. Other services, such as a website or email address linked to your domain will usually be unaffected. However, you may lose access to any free add-on services provided by your current registrar.

    What are the limitations when transferring a domain?

    Due to industry-wide regulations, you will not be able to transfer any domains that have been registered within the last 60 days or are within 7 days of expiring.

    How long does a domain transfer take?

    Domain transfers usually take 5 to 7 days to complete. You can track the progress of your transfers from your 123 Reg Control Panel. 

    For a better understanding of what each status means, please read the following article: Understanding Domain Transfers

    How much does it cost to transfer a domain?

    This will depend on your domain name’s extension. For example, if you wish to transfer a UK-specific domain, like, or .uk, then this will be completely free.

    For all other extensions, there will likely be a price tag attached, which can vary from £4.99 to £100+.

    Will transferring my domain affecting my ranking on search engines?

    Not necessarily, no. As long as you follow the instructions outlined on this page and in our Support articles, you shouldn’t experience any change in your rankings.

    Will my website or email be affected when I transfer my domain?

    No, any services associated with your domain will not be affected, as we do not change its nameservers during the transfer process.

    Questions? Call us on 0345 450 2310

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