Everything you need for your ecommerce business

  • Enable your products to be found easily
    Categorise your products so customers can quickly find and buy what they want, and create product variations and provide side by side comparisons of similar products. Get notified when stock levels are low and ensure your products are always available to your customers.
  • Customise the look of your shop
    Choose from multiple professionally-designed templates and build a flexible ecommerce site for desktop and mobile devices, allowing customers to buy in the comfort of their home or on the move. Then simply add your logo, content and branding to make it your own personalised shop.
  • Attract customers with promotions
    Reach the right audience with the Online Shop marketing tools by running special promotions, voucher codes and newsletters. Also, get your products on sites like Amazon and eBay and stay in touch with your customers by allowing them to send product enquiries.
  • Painless order processing
    Our packages come with a fully integrated shopping basket and online order process, so your customers can place orders on your site, instantly. You can also set up different languages and currencies in order to sell your products internationally.
  • Track your business success
    Use Google Analytics to keep track of visitors, sales and your websites progress over time. In addition, our SEO cockpit provides a checklist to help your products and ecommerce store show up on search engines quicker.
  • Share your shop with the world
    Integrate social networks such as Facebook and Twitter on your website to encourage customers to spread the word and share all the great products they find on your Online Shop.

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Dave Chapman, Co-founder

Dumptackle.com is an online retailer who specialise in selling rugby t-shirts to rugby fans. Co-founder Dave Chapman shares how spotting a gap in the market has grown into a highly profitable business.


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There's no limit to how far you can take your online store

Get everything you need to start selling online in one easy package. With our Online Shop website solution, setting up an ecommerce website is a breeze, even if you're just getting started with your first ever website. For a single monthly price you will get all the features you need, including professional templates to showcase your products, an online shopping basket, order process, promotion tools and more.

You don't need to have any technical or design experience to get your online store up and running. In fact, everything is managed through an intuitive control panel which means that all you have to do is choose a good-looking template, customise it the way you want, add products and you're pretty much ready to go. Get our Online Shop today and start earning some cash!


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Q. What is Ecommerce? 

It's short for electronic commerce and refers to buying and selling products online. And it's something we can help you with.

123-reg Online Shop is an all-in-one product, which allows you to build an Ecommerce site and sell your products or services on the Internet. It enables you to become an online retailer, which allows others to view and buy your products or services.

The Online Shop package includes a secure payment system and comprehensive control panel so you know when orders have been placed on the site and where to send the items to.

Q. Do I need technical knowledge to use the software? 

No. Our Online Shop software does not require you to understand website code, and allows you to set up and manage your site through a simple control panel.

Q. How long does it take to set up Online Shop? 

Once you've placed your order, it will take up to 2 hours to enable your access to your package. Once this is done, you can start building one or more Ecommerce websites. Feel free to use our design wizard to create an outline of your site in about half-an-hour.

Please note, it can take considerably longer to build your perfect website, particularly if you plan to add a lot of detail into the design or have a large number of products to add to the Online Shop.

Q. How can I contact 123-reg for help or support? 

The first thing you can do is to visit our support site for more helpful support articles. We've published loads of information there about using our products, so if you've run into a common problem there should be a solution to it.

You can get in touch with us through the support site too (use the Ask a Question option). Or just give us a call on 0345 450 2310. We're here 9am - 7pm on weekdays and from a landline calls will be charged at local rates.

Q. Can you help me move my online shop from another provider? 

No. Unfortunately we do not offer any sort of transfer service and we cannot advise on Ecommerce packages from other suppliers.

However, our software does allow you to import data. This could include your existing customer details and product range. So it may well be possible to move across to 123-reg without having to enter everything in manually.

See how easy it is to import or export your data with our Online Shop packages.

Q. Can I upload my existing site using 123-reg Online Shop? 

No. All sites created using our service must be built using the Online Shop control panel and templates. If you have built your own site from scratch and wish to upload this, you'll probably want one of our web hosting packages instead.

Q. Do I need a domain to use Online Shop? 

Yes. Every full 123-reg Online Shop package needs to be associated with one domain to work. However, if you sign up for the trial, it comes with a temporary domain so you can try it out and see how easy it is to build websites.

You can register your domain when you order your ecommerce package. Or, if you already own the domain you want to use, you can transfer it across to us from your current provider.

Please note, you must request to transfer the domain and allow the transfer to complete before purchasing Online Shop. Check out our useful guide on how to transfer a domain name to 123-reg.

Q. Can I add Google Analytics to my Online Shop package? 

Yes. Our free Google Analytics Automation service gives you access to your data and information to see how visitors use your website. Find out more about the Google Analytics Automation service.

Q. How secure is Online Shop? 

We take security really seriously and do everything we can to keep our systems safe from hacking, crashes, hardware failures and physical damage. All servers are in our own highly secure, data centre.

Access to servers is tightly controlled and limited to essential personnel (if you're not on the list, you don't get in). In normal operation, power is drawn from the power grid but we operate uninterruptible supplies and have on-site generators, in case the external supply fails.

So, in short: Online Shop is very secure and so are your websites.

Q. What does the charge for 123-reg Online Shop cover? 

The price of the package you choose covers everything you need to get your new website going, including all the space and bandwidth you need for it to run smoothly. Aside from the regular monthly cost for your ecommerce package, there are no extra charges for anything.

There are a couple of small exceptions though. Package One doesn't include a free domain. You do need one domain to use Online Shop, so that's the one thing you might have to buy separately for your new sites. You can get them here.

Additionally, some of the features available in our packages involve integration with third-party services (like eBay). Some of these providers might charge for this - it's out of our control if they do.

Q. Is there a minimum contract for Online Shop? 

The minimum contract is one year.

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