It's time to get yourself organised and have all your emails, tasks, contacts and your calendar in one place.

With our easy to use UK email hosting solution you can check this off your list. 123-email is the professional email you need to communicate via webmail and be able to work from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

123-mail features

  • Personalised email address to your domain name.
  • Manage email, tasks, contacts and calendars in one location.
  • Access webmail from any internet connection.
  • No software to download to access your email account.

Plans & pricing


from £99p£1.19 a month
  • Mailboxes 1
  • Storage 1GB
  • Webmail
  • Mobile access/sync Sold separately


from £4.16£4.99 a month
  • Mailboxes 1
  • Storage 2GB
  • Webmail
  • Mobile access/sync
  • Shared calendars,
    contacts and tasks
  • Shared document management

Want to see 123-mail in action?

Take a look at these screen shots and check out the 123-mail interface in action. See how easy it is to use the webmail and how familiar it feels.

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Get your emails, appointments, contact and tasks always synchronised to your smartphone with our Mobility add-on for the 'Personal' package.

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What is email? 

A mailbox is an area on a server where messages sent to an email address arrive. They are held in the mailbox for you to read later. Every email address has its own mailbox.

When you get our UK email hosting, we also provide you with a mailbox on our servers. You can check for new messages either by logging in with software like Outlook Express, or by using our webmail service.

Personalised Email 

With our business email hosting solution, you will have your own email address personalised to your domain name. Choose what you want to appear before and after the '@' sign. Register a new domain name or create your personalised email address with a domain you already own.

Access from anywhere 

It's easy to access your email account through our Webmail system. With the UK email hosting solution from 123-reg all you need to do is setup an email account in your control panel. Once this is done, you can read your email using our Webmail wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

Manage everything together 

Manage all emails, tasks, contacts and calendars in one simple location. And integrate external email accounts like Google©, GMX© or Yahoo© into your mailbox. It's all possible with our email hosting packages.

Simple user interface 

With a simple interface and clear layout, 123-mail is a doddle to use. The user interface feels familiar with everything exactly where you would expect to find it.

No software to download 

123-mail works straight from the get go, there is no software to download and will work wherever you are. Once you get our email hosting, you'll be able to start using your email in a matter of minutes.

Social Networking 

With email hosting from 123-reg you can use your email account to subscribe to your favourite social networking accounts such as Facebook©, XING© or LinkedIn© and merge your contacts and personal data into one central location.

What do I get with email from 123-reg? 

When you get our email hosting solution, you actually get:

  • A unique, personalised email address in the form anythingyoulike@yourdomain. You can use your name, your company name, a nickname, or whatever else you like.

  • A POP3 mailbox. This lets you receive email sent to the address using software like Outlook Express.

  • Access to 123-mail. This lets you check your email from almost anywhere in the world - as long as you can find a computer with internet access and a web browser like Internet Explorer.

  • Secure webmail access. If you want, you can choose to access your webmail over a secure connection (like online shops use when you enter your credit card details). This gives you extra protection when sending or receiving messages.

How many email addresses can I have? 

You can have as many email addresses as you like. You'll need to buy each one separately, and you can get a discount if you buy in bulk.

What is a mailbox? 

A mailbox is an area on a server where messages sent to an email address arrive. They are held in the mailbox for you to read later. Every email address has its own mailbox.

When you get email hosting from 123-reg.co.uk, each email address also includes a mailbox on our servers. You can check for new messages either by logging in with software like Outlook Express, or by using our webmail service.

What is POP3? 

POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol. It's the name of the method used to download emails from a server to a computer. Sometimes a mailbox is called a 'popbox' - they're essentially the same thing.

What is IMAP? 

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol and is a more modern alternative to POP as a method of accessing your emails. In the age of multiple ways of collecting email the IMAP protocol is often preferred as it allows simultaneous access by multiple email clients at the same time, and also leaves messages on the server, so your phone, webmail and email clients are all synced.

Can I check 123-reg email with software like Outlook Express? 

Yes, our email hosting solution is compatible with Microsoft Outlook. You can check your 123-mail with any email software that allows you to connect to a POP3 mail server. Actually, there are very few which can't do this. Popular email programs include:

  • Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express
  • Microsoft Windows Live Mail
  • Eudora
  • Lotus Notes
  • Apple Mail
  • Mozilla Mail
  • Thunderbird
  • Opera Mail
  • Pegasus Mail

When you buy email hosting from us, we don't offer support for all these programs, but we'll provide all the settings you need to get started. You just need to follow the program's instructions to add a new email account.

Can I check 123-reg email with my mobile phone? 

Yes, most smartphones, including the iPhone and BlackBerry, are compatible with 123-mail. If your phone works with IMAP or POP3 then our servers are compatible and you can start checking your email on the go.

What is 123-reg webmail? 

When you get our email hosting solution, you get access to your 123-reg webmail that lets you check your email account from any computer with a web browser (like Internet Explorer) and internet connection.

It's a fully-functioning email program inside your web browser. It lets you send and receive messages just as easily as if you were using a piece of software on your computer at home.

The biggest benefit of our email hosting is its flexibility. It removes the need for you to be at a specific computer to check for new emails.

Does your email include spam protection? 

Yes - when you get email hosting we also offer a spam filtering service as standard, so your inbox doesn't get overloaded with junk email.

It filters the entire email before it reaches your mailbox, blocking spam, viruses, worms and other online threats.

Although spam protection provides an extra line of defence against internet nasties which arrive at your computer via email, it's still a good idea to use some good quality security software too.

Do I have to have a domain name to buy an email address? 

Yes. The whole point of email hosting is to get an email address that really reflects your personality and identity (or that of your family, your business, or whatever you're going to use the email addresses for!).

A key part of that is making sure the bit that comes after that'@' symbol - the domain name - is unusual. And you can do that without having your own domain name.

If you don't yet have a domain name to use with our email hosting, you can get one when you buy an email address.

Can I send email through 123-reg too? 

Yes ― with our email hosting you receive access to an outgoing mail server so you can send messages directly from your email program. You can also send messages when you're logged in to 123-mail.

Buying SSL

Is it easy to buy SSL? 

Basically, yes. Just choose which option you want and hit the buy button. We'll walk you through the process and explain what you need to do.

The process is a little different depending how you're going to use your certificate. If you want to buy it with a domain name, we'll take you through our normal order process so you can find the domain and add the SSL certificate to it.

Standalone certificates must be purchased through your 123-reg control panel. This means you should sign up to get a 123-reg account (if you don't already have one), then log in to our site to place an order through your control panel.

What is Manual CSR and AutoCSR? 

Traditionally, in order to purchase an SSL certificate you'd have had to supply a certificate signing request (CSR). This is a file containing important information about your SSL certificate.

If your website is hosted with us, we will create this CSR for you (AutoCSR) and install it for you. If your site is hosted elsewhere, you will create the CSR (Manual CSR) and install it yourself. Don't worry; we have support articles to help you do this.

What is the vetting procedure? 

When you buy an SSL certificate, the issuing authority will perform some checks on you or your business to verify your identity.

This step is important as it's only by ensuring SSL certificates are issued correctly that the security of the system can be guaranteed.

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