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A email address that shows you mean business

“We were on Gmail but switched to 123 Reg so we could match our domain. Now people instantly know we’re a serious business.”

Bridget, General Manager at Pull’d
From £2.99 pm(+20% VAT)
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Boost your cred with a custom email address

Every business needs a personalised email address to build customer trust in its brand. 43% of UK adults agree that a branded email looks more professional than a generic one.

Our Email Hosting service is so simple to set up. You can use a new or existing domain name that you already own. You don’t even need a website or web hosting.

All packages come with lots of storage space, and you even get your email on your mobile too. If you ever have any questions about your package you can quickly reach one of our experts by phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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Quick and easy email – ideal for setting up your first custom address.

Only £2.99 pm (+20% VAT)
Email Addresses Unless you specify additional email addresses or users in the drop down at the bottom of this table, this product is appropriate for 1 person, and will give you 1 email address associated with 1 mailbox. Office 365 users will get a license for 1 person to use email and Microsoft Office applications, on up to 5 devices.
Storage With mailbox capacities of 5GB, 25GB and a huge 50GB you can store thousands of emails with large attachments so you will always have plenty of space and don't need to always empty your inbox.
5 GB
Webmail Access your emails in your browser anywhere you have internet access. On our Microsoft based packages, OWA or Outlook Web App is available to use to give you an experience similar to Microsoft Outlook without needing to install any software.
Email type POP creates local copies of emails and then removes the originals from the server. IMAP stores them on a remote server so they can be accessed from a single location and not stored on any device. And, Exchange keeps all emails, contacts, calendars and other features synced on all devices using ActiveSync.
Built-in protection To keep you safe from online threats our email includes built-in SPAM and Anti-virus protection. Our Essentials and Premium packages include Microsoft's Exchange Online Protection (EOP) which uses multi-layered filters and scanning engines to protect you from email threats.
Mobile access /sync You can automatically keep your appointments, contacts, emails and tasks synced at all times. Professional Mobile access/Sync uses Exchanges ActiveSync to keep all your devices up-to-date.
Shared Calendar and Contacts Ensure the details of meetings and contacts are kept up-to-date and shared to allow your team to work more efficiently. The Essentials and Premium packages use ActiveSync to keep your devices up-to-date with the latest changes you or your team have made.
Online Document Storage Make use of OX Drive to store your documents and photos online. Thanks to this cloud storage solution you’ll be able to access your documents from any device, anywhere, and share them with colleagues, friends and family. You’ll be able to store a massive 10GBs worth of documents in the cloud, allowing you to send documents as links rather than as attachments. This means you’ll be able to send larger documents which would otherwise be limited by attachment size, enabling you to work faster and more efficiently.
Online Office App Our Office 365 email packages include online versions of all your favourite Office applications including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This enables you to easily create and edit documents, wherever you might be, in your browser without needing to install any additional software.
HD video conferencing Talk face-to-face with your colleagues, clients, customers or suppliers using Skype for Business. Host unlimited video conference meetings using Skype's premium service without paying any extra. Now holding face-to-face video meetings with clients overseas or colleagues in remote locations is possible without paying a premium.
Full, installed Office Install the very latest versions of all your favourite Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and OneNote on up to 5 PCs or Macs. You can now easily work offline on your documents in your own office away from distractions. Install them on your desktop or laptop and up to 5 other devices.
Mobile MS Office Use Office on your mobile devices wherever you are and get the full, installed experience on up to 5 tablets and 5 phones per user. You will never need to wait until you get back to your office to edit your documents as you can now edit them wherever you are on your chosen mobile device.
Microsoft Outlook 2016 Outlook 2016 is the very latest Microsoft Email Client that can be installed on your PC or Mac that enables you to organise your entire digital life with build in calendar, mail, tasks and contacts. It has all the tools and functionality you've used before, as well as new


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Perfect for small companies who need plenty of space, plus shared contacts and calendars.

Only £5.99 pm (+20% VAT)
Email Addresses
25 GB
Email type
Built-in protection
Mobile access /sync
Shared Calendar and Contacts
Online Document Storage
Online Office App
HD video conferencing
Full, installed Office
Mobile MS Office
Microsoft Outlook 2016



Business-class email plus Microsoft Office online apps, including Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint

Only £6.99 pm (+20% VAT)
50 GB
Email type
Exchange / POP / IMAP
Built-in protection
Mobile access /sync
Shared Calendar and Contacts
Online Document Storage
Online Office App
HD video conferencing
Full, installed Office
Mobile MS Office
Microsoft Outlook 2016



All the above plus fully installed Microsoft Office – the ideal choice for a growing business

Only £9.99 pm (+20% VAT)
50 GB
Email type
Exchange / POP / IMAP
Built-in protection
Mobile access /sync
Shared Calendar and Contacts
Online Document Storage
Online Office App
HD video conferencing
Full, installed Office
Mobile MS Office
Microsoft Outlook 2016

All Email Hosting plans include...

  • Industry leading email storage capacity
  • Spam and anti-virus protection
  • Compatible with all email clients like MS Outlook and Mac Mail
  • Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Webmail

Instant credibility with personalised email

Our business-class email packages are quick to set up, easy-to-use and loaded with everything you need for effective, secure communication, all in one location. Upgrading to a business email address is the best choice for companies who want to look more professional and trustworthy, making customers more likely to purchase from you.

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Look professional, credible and unique

Why settle for an address any other business could have? With 123 Reg's email hosting, you can create personalised addresses to show clients you're trustworthy and professional. Choose what you want before and after the '@' sign by using an existing domain or by registering a new one (my.name@my-company.co.uk).

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Sync with mobile email

Stay organised without lifting a finger. Automatically keep your appointments, contacts, emails and tasks synced at all times, whether working on your PC or mobile device.

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Stay protected

Don't worry, you're covered. Built-in spam and virus protection keeps you safe from online threats, and reduces your vulnerability. As an added bonus, you can wave a final goodbye to junk mail.

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Store and send all your stuff

With an expandable 5-25GB on 123 Reg email hosting packages and 50GB for our Office 365 packages, you've got room to store everything you need. You'll also be able to send huge attachments - up to 50 MB!

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Manage everything together

Get organised and stay productive with a comprehensive webmail solution. Answer emails, queue up tasks, create calendar events and organise your digital life all in one convenient location – a cost-effective solution for any type of business.

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Access emails from anywhere

If you've got an internet connection, you've got mail. Instantly connect and manage your fully synced email account from any online device - stay up-to-date, anytime, anywhere.

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Use your email client of choice

Your mail, your way. Want to use Outlook, MacMail, Thunderbird or Eudora? 123-mail is compatible with all email clients, so you can choose whichever works best for your business.

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Never miss a message

Misspelling email addresses is a common problem. Our packages give you the option of creating catch-all aliases. This means any emails sent to an address for your domain that does not exist can be captured so you will never miss any messages ever again.

Take your business communications to the next level

Our Microsoft Office 365 based packages offer a number of additional features that will help your business to work more efficiently. With much more than just email, it enables you to take your entire office with you, be more productive and collaborate with your team like never before. Wherever you are and whenever you’re ready.

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Secure Cloud Storage

Wherever you go you can take your important documents with you. Our Office 365 packages all have a huge 1TB of online storage included enabling you to store all your documents in a secure location that can easily be shared with your colleagues and friends for easy collaboration.

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Online MS Office applications

Our packages give you everything you need to power your business, with full web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more, you can take your office with you wherever you go. You can edit your documents in your web browser without needing to install software on your PC. Very handy if you are not at your own desk or on a business trip.

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Unlimited HD video conferencing

Talk face-to-face with clients or customers from around the world using the very latest IM and HD video conferencing software from Microsoft. Use the included Skype for Business app to build more personal business relationships.

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Office on Desktop and Mobile

Download and install the complete suite of applications, including Word, Excel and Outlook, onto your PC or Mac. And, use it on your tablet or smartphone with our mobile apps for Apple, Android and Windows devices. Wherever you are, Office is ready when you are.

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Guaranteed Uptime

Be confident that all your email, contacts and calendar are always available with our 99.9% uptime guarantee. Our packages offer the reliability your business can depend on.

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Expert Support

Our expert UK based support team are ready to help you get your business email up and running. If you need any guidance or have any questions regarding your Office 365 products we are here to provide expert assistance and help you find a solution.

Why choose Email Hosting from 123 Reg?

  • Look more professional, trustworthy and credible, with email addresses personalised to your domain name
  • Get quick, expert telephone support from us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Collaborate by sharing documents, tasks and appointments with your team using shared folders and cloud storage
  • Cancel within 30 days of purchase with a full money back guarantee
  • Take your office with you and work on-the-go with online and mobile MS Office apps complete with mobile sync
  • Stay protected with advanced SPAM and Anti-virus protection for all your mailboxes
  • With our 99.9% uptime guarantee you have extra peace of mind knowing your email will stay running no-matter what
  • Compatible with all mail clients so you can setup your email in any program and on any device you choose

The easiest way to communicate professionally with your customers

Pull’d have strengthened their brand and communications using their personalised email address from 123 Reg.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Email Hosting?

    Email Hosting is a service designed for users that want a personalised, professional looking email address using an ad-free, secure and spacious platform.

    A personalised email address gives you a professional appearance, helping to set your company apart from others using a generic Yahoo or Gmail address and helping to build awareness of your brand.

    Email hosting also allows you to create exactly the addresses you need for different circumstances – for example, you could create enquiries@yourcompanydomain to promote to new customers on your website, but have a separate address for existing customers to contact you directly.

    You’ll also be able to manage all of your mailboxes from one centralised location, allowing you to create new addresses or reset passwords quickly and easily.

    Once you’ve set up your personal or business email address, you’ll be able to send and receive messages anywhere with an internet connection. There’s plenty of room in your inbox and you can also attach and send files to whoever you choose. Staying organised is easy, with folders available for sorting and archiving.

  • How long will it take to set up?

    With no software to download and a super easy set up process, your business will be ready to start using email in a matter of minutes.

  • Do I need technical knowledge to use email?

    Not at all. With a clean, simple layout, 123 Mail and Office 365 are a doddle to use. Everything is where you’d expect to find it, with an interface designed to make every task feel familiar and intuitive.

  • How many email addresses can I have?

    There’s no limit to the number of addresses and you can host as many as you like. Every new one is sold separately, and you’ll get a discount if you buy in bulk.

  • Do I have to own a domain name to buy an email package?

    Yes. One of the best parts of email hosting is having an address that reflects your personality and identity, whether personally or in business.

    In order to customise your new email with a unique domain name to the end of the address (the part that comes after the “@” symbol), you need to own that domain.

    Don’t have a domain? Don’t worry. You can buy one at the same time as you get an email package.

  • Can I check my 123 Mail with software like Microsoft Outlook?

    Definitely. You can check your email with any software that allows you to connect to an IMAP or POP3 mail server.

    Popular compatible programs include:

    Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express
    Microsoft Windows Live Mail
    Lotus Notes
    Apple Mail
    Mozilla Mail
    Opera Mail
    Pegasus Mail
    With our Microsoft Office 365 packages you can also use the Exchange protocol to connect to your email accounts. We recommend using Outlook for Exchange however a number of other mail clients also support this Microsoft based protocol.

    When you buy email services from 123 Reg, we don’t offer support for all these programs, but we’ll give you all the settings you need to get started. Simply follow the specific program’s instructions to add a new account.

  • Can I check my 123 Reg email on my phone or tablet?

    Yes! As a total business email solution, it can be checked from any device with an internet connection from anywhere you may be.

  • Is spam protection included?

    You’re given spam filtering to keep your inbox from overloading with junk mail. You can even customise your spam settings and level of protection to ensure you’re only getting the emails you really want to.

    Our spam protection won’t just stop pesky junk mail, it will also catch viruses, worms and other malicious online threats before they hit your inbox. That said, even with this extra line of defence, it’s still a good idea to use email security software and a little common sense before opening an attachment.

  • Can I contact 123 Reg for help?

    Absolutely. Helping you bring your business online is exactly what we’re here for. We offer 24/7 telephone support so you can reach us whenever you need help. You can also log in to live chat or browse our range of how-to guides to get the answers you need.

  • What is POP3?

    POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol. It’s the name of the method used to download emails from a server to a computer. Sometimes a mailbox is called a ‘popbox’ – they’re essentially the same thing.

    While POP3 was the first email protocol and is suitable for single-device use, we highly recommend the more versatile and powerful IMAP for “on the go” access to your emails.

  • What is IMAP?

    IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol and is a more modern alternative to POP3 for accessing your emails.

    We recommend the use of IMAP, as it allows multiple email clients (like Outlook, Webmail and those on tablets and mobile devices) to access your inbox at the same time. IMAP also leaves messages directly on the server so your phone, webmail and email clients will always be synced.

    Check out our video to find out more about the differences between POP3 and IMAP.

  • What is Exchange?

    Exchange is a mail protocol created by Microsoft that runs on Windows based servers. It is an alternative to IMAP or POP3 and has many improvements and built in features that make it the first choice for many businesses.

    Exchange features components such as OWA, a hugely popular webmail system, and ActiveSync, which keeps all your emails and data synchronised over multiple devices. It also supports push services so you receive alerts as soon as an email is received, not just when your device checks for new messages.

123 Reg’s email services are subject to the Acceptable Use Policy and are provided under 123 Reg’s General Terms of Service and the email product terms.

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