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Get your brand online easily, with free domain, email address, SSL certificate and hosting included as standard.

Build a website you can be proud of and start turning leads into sales.

SAVE 50%
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Create a website without any technical skills

create a website

Build a website

Choose one of our stunning templates and easily customise the layout to create a beautiful website, complete with free web hosting.

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Personalise the design

Add dynamic galleries, powerful blog articles and engaging videos that demonstrate why visitors should work with you.

Maximise your potential

Easily upgrade your package and start selling your products online with our ecommerce tools as your business grows.

Start creating your website for free! No credit card, no registration.

All the features you need to build a successful website

Look great on mobile

The number of people browsing on their mobiles is higher than ever - making a mobile-optimised website hugely important. Our templates are responsive and work beautifully on mobiles and all other devices.

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Sell products and services online

Making money online is a breeze with our ecommerce package. With multiple payment gateways including PayPal and Stripe, flexible shipping rates and social marketing tools, your online store will be thriving in no time.

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Get discovered on Google Maps

Let customers find your business location by integrating Google Maps in to your website for free; including step-by-step directions to your store.

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Let customers click to call

Website Builder easily connects your online and offline business physical store. Visitors to your site can call in one click from a mobile device which can be limited to office hours. Great for shops, restaurants and professional services who want customers to call.

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Showcase your images in galleries

Display photos of your customers, products or anything else on your web pages in a variety of design formats including galleries. No images of your own? Choose from our huge range of pictures included within the editor!

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Free SSL certificate

Reassure customers that your website is secure and protected with a free SSL certificate that’s compatible with all browsers and websites. Having one also helps boost your Google ranking.

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Collect information with custom contact forms

Generating leads is easy with contact forms. Simply drag-and-drop one onto your website or add a pop-up version to give customers a safe and secure way to contact you.

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Easily add video content to your website

Add videos to the body of your site content or use them in the background. Easily upload from YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion.


Built-in marketing tools that help you turn visitors into customers

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Personalised visitor content

Increase engagement and conversion rates of your web pages by showing customised content to specific users. Offer deals to customers visiting from specific locations or show a first-time user a special greeting.

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Social marketing tools

Integrate the power of social media into your site marketing with our easy to use social apps. Facebook likes and comments, social media icon links and Yelp reviews, to name a few, will help increase engagement.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Use the built-in SEO tools to optimise your site’s web pages so search engines such as Google can read and rank them accordingly. Easily integrate Google Analytics to analyse visitor activity and further improve SEO.

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Blogging software

Easily add a blog to your website and create a community, attracting new customers while continuing to engage existing ones. Adding this extra content to your website can also boost your Google ranking.


Create a professional site for your small business quickly.

per month equivalent for the 1st year

On sale -  SAVE 50% 
Then £4.99 per month equivalent

Excluding VAT at 20%
Annual upfront payment required
Edit, save & publish site Access the full Website Builder editing mode and build a full website, then save till you’re ready to publish with one click.
Free domain This includes a free domain for your first year using one of the following addresses: .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .mobi, .co or .xyz. To claim your free domain, simply add it to your basket as you would if you were buying it. Then select it from the drop-down menu at checkout and it will show as ‘free’.
Free SSL Secure your website and reputation with a free SSL certificate. This product comes as standard with all Website Builder packages.
Convert with personalisation Personalise your site for your visitors and improve engagement by displaying different content that is customised to them.
Free email Includes IMAP/POP3 mailbox accounts to send and receive email using your personalised web domain.
Analytics See detailed statistics on how your site is performing and see how many visitors you are receiving and where they are coming from.
Create a separate mobile experience Edit your website based on the device of your users. Change how it is displayed on mobile or desktop and customise the user experience of each.
Restore previous site version We keep your website safe and secure by automatically making backups so whatever happens you can be safe in the knowledge your site will not be lost.
Advanced design mode If you are more experienced with web design, you may want to edit the code to get even more flexibility with your website. Developer mode lets you get stuck in and edit the HTML directly.
Hide 123 Reg Branding Hide the ‘Built with 123’ link and make your website your own.
Eshop 10/100/Unlimited Add ecommerce functionality to your website. Choose from Online Shop 10, perfect for a small store with limited products. Online Shop 100, the best package for a growing ecommerce store or Online Shop Unlimited, perfect for established shops or those with large product ranges.
£29.94 first year (+20% VAT)

Business +

Build a more advanced site with added features.

per month equivalent for the 1st year

On sale -  SAVE 50% 
Then £9.99 per month equivalent

Excluding VAT at 20%
Annual upfront payment required
Edit, save & publish site
Free domain
Free SSL
Convert with personalisation
Free email
Create a separate mobile experience
Restore previous site version
Advanced design mode
Hide 123 Reg Branding
Eshop 10/100/Unlimited
£59.94 first year (+20% VAT)

Online Shop

Everything a small store with a limited product range needs, for an affordable price.

per month equivalent for the 1st year

On sale - SAVE 33%
Then £14.99 per month equivalent

Excluding VAT at 20%
Annual upfront payment required
Edit, save & publish site
Free domain
Free SSL
Convert with personalisation
Free email
Create a separate mobile experience
Restore previous site version
Advanced design mode
Hide 123 Reg Branding
Eshop 10/100/Unlimited
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Want to sell online?

Ecommerce is a great way to establish a brand and make money for your business. Open your own Online Shop today and give yourself a secure platform to sell your products and services.
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Highly rated by industry experts

“Its site-building software is the best we’ve seen, making it a great choice if you want to create a slick site with minimal technical know-how.” - PC Pro review, 2017
create a website

Build an online presence for business

Website Builder is perfect for a business that’s just starting out and quickly enables you to build a professional website without needing any coding experience. It will also…

  • Build a beautiful looking website that looks great on all devices
  • Give your business an online presence in just a few clicks
  • Appear on Google when local people search for you online
  • Give your business a presence on Google maps

Plus, it will help you attract new customers and even sell your products and services online. So, what are you waiting for? Click ‘START NOW FOR FREE’ and start building!

Build a professional website without qualifications or experience

EmpathyLab needed a high-quality, flexible and powerful solution that was also easy to use. Here’s why Website Builder was exactly what they were looking for.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Website Builder?

    It is an all-in-one design package that allows you to create and manage your site without the need for technical knowledge. Take everything step-by–step, choose a template, customise the photos, colours and information, and then publish it to your domain name.

    Website Builder makes it easy to build your own website from scratch for a variety of businesses, whether that might be for photography, real estate, weddings or to just showcase your work. Automatically produce a site that will work on every device – be it a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, along with the ability to easily customise and add fresh and unique information and features, including ecommerce, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

  • Do I need to buy a separate hosting package?

    Website Builder comes with everything you need to help you build and host your site, including web space, a free domain name, an SSL certificate and email accounts. You simply log in and start creating your site in minutes.

  • Do I need any technical knowledge?

    You do not need to know HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript or have any other web design skills to create a site.

  • How long does it take to set it up?

    Website Builder should only take a few minutes to set up and have it ready for you to start building your own site. Importing from your existing site may take slightly longer as we need time to transfer everything over from your previous provider, and if you are transferring a domain name, that may take a few days.

  • How do I move my existing website across?

    Enter your current website’s URL and our import tool will take the text and images from your site and move them into your new Website Builder site. Once the content has moved over, you can customise it as needed.

    The Import tool does not move your entire website over. You may need to add new sections or edit existing sections in order to have your new site work effectively for use across mobile, tablets and desktops.

  • How do I get help using Website Builder?

    If you need help, please visit our Support Site. We have plenty of information there and it’s likely that we’ve already answered your question.

    Alternatively, we offer telephone support so you can speak to us and get the help you need at a convenient time for you.

  • Can I buy Website Builder without a domain?

    Without a domain, people will not be able to find you online. Your package comes with a free domain name, but you can also purchase and use another one if you wish to.

  • What free domains can I choose from?

    Your domain name can be anything you want, as long as it has one of the following extensions:

    It will be free for the first year of registration, but then you will need to renew it with the standard registration fee after that first year. If you cancel your Website Builder package, you will also need to remember to let the domain name expire, or you will be charged for it even if it isn’t pointing to a site.

  • Can I use a domain name I already own?

    If you have a domain name registered with 123 Reg and you’re not using it with any of our other services, you can add it to your Website Builder package when you order.

    If you’re planning on transferring in a domain name, then make certain the transfer is complete before you purchase your package.

  • Is there a minimum contract when I purchase Website Builder?

    The minimum contract period is 12 months. You can choose to pay monthly or annually.

  • Can I upgrade my package?

    If you’re using Business, Business+, or Business+ Ecommerce and want to take advantage of the extra features available if you upgrade, just log into your 123 Reg control panel and choose the Upgrade option. We’ll calculate the new cost of your package, and adjust the cost accordingly. You do not need to change anything on your website.

“Website builder was great to use and I really enjoyed building the site”


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