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Website Builder

Get started with a free domain, email, SSL and hosting

Build a website you can be proud of and start turning leads into sales

Create a website without any technical skills

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    Build a website

    Choose one of our stunning templates and easily customise the layout to create a beautiful website, complete with free web hosting.

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    Personalise the design

    Add dynamic galleries, powerful blog articles and engaging videos that demonstrate why visitors should work with you.

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    Maximise your potential

    Easily upgrade your package and start selling your products online with our ecommerce tools as your business grows.

Start creating your website with our professional templates!

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All the features you need to build a successful website

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Look great on mobile

The number of people browsing on their mobiles is higher than ever - making a mobile-optimised website hugely important. Our templates are responsive and work beautifully on mobiles and all other devices.

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Sell products and services online

Making money online is a breeze with our ecommerce package. With multiple payment gateways including PayPal and Stripe, flexible shipping rates and social marketing tools, your online store will be thriving in no time.

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Get discovered on Google Maps

Let customers find your business location by integrating Google Maps in to your website for free; including step-by-step directions to your store.

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Let customers click to call

Website Builder easily connects your online and offline business physical store. Visitors to your site can call in one click from a mobile device which can be limited to office hours. Great for shops, restaurants and professional services who want customers to call.

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Showcase your images in galleries

Display photos of your customers, products or anything else on your web pages in a variety of design formats including galleries. No images of your own? Choose from our huge range of pictures included within the editor!

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Free SSL Certificate

Reassure customers that your website is secure and protected with a free SSL certificate that’s compatible with all browsers and websites. Having one also helps boost your Google ranking.

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Collect information with custom contact forms

Generating leads is easy with contact forms. Simply drag-and-drop one onto your website or add a pop-up version to give customers a safe and secure way to contact you.

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Easily add video content to your website

Host live webinars directly through your site using Zoom conferencing. Add videos to the body of your site content or use them in the background. Easily upload from YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion.

Built-in marketing tools that help you turn visitors into customers

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Personalised visitor content

Increase engagement and conversion rates of your web pages by showing customised content to specific users. Offer deals to customers visiting from specific locations or show a first-time user a special greeting.

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Social marketing tools

Integrate the power of social media into your site marketing with our easy to use social apps. Facebook likes and comments, social media icon links and Yelp reviews, to name a few, will help increase engagement.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Use the built-in SEO tools to optimise your site’s web pages so search engines such as Google can read and rank them accordingly. Easily integrate Google Analytics to analyse visitor activity and further improve SEO

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Blogging software

Easily add a blog to your website and create a community, attracting new customers while continuing to engage existing ones. Adding this extra content to your website can also boost your Google ranking

  • Standard

    Create a professional site for your small business quickly. Easily upgradeable at any time.

    Save 64%
    1st year equivalent of only
    £2.50per month
    • Unlimited Pages
    • Basic
    Prices exclude 20% VAT. £30.00 per year in advance; minimum contract duration 1 year, then £83.88.
  • Most popular


    Build a more advanced site with added features. Easily upgradeable at any time.

    Save 49%
    1st year equivalent of only
    £5.00per month
    • Unlimited Pages
    • Advanced
    Prices exclude 20% VAT. £60.00 per year in advance; minimum contract duration 1 year, then £119.88.
  • Online Shop

    Everything a small store with a limited product range needs, for an affordable price. Easily upgradeable at any time.

    Save 33%
    1st year equivalent from only
    £10.04per month
    Find out more
    • Unlimited Pages
    • Advanced
    Prices exclude 20% VAT. £120.48 per year in advance; minimum contract duration 1 year, then £179.88.
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Want to sell online?

Ecommerce is a great way to establish a brand and make money for your business. Open your own Online Shop today and give yourself a secure platform to sell your products and services.

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Highly rated by industry experts

“Its site-building software is the best we’ve seen, making it a great choice if you want to create a slick site with minimal technical know-how.” - PC Pro review, 2017

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Build an online presence for business

Website Builder is perfect for a business that’s just starting out and quickly enables you to build a professional website without needing any coding experience. It will also…

  • tickBuild a beautiful looking website that looks great on all devices
  • tickGive your business an online presence in just a few clicks
  • tickAppear on Google when local people search for you online
  • tickGive your business a presence on Google maps

Plus, it will help you attract new customers and even sell your products and services online. So, what are you waiting for? Start building now!

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Build a professional website without qualifications or experience

EmpathyLab needed a high-quality, flexible and powerful solution that was also easy to use. Here’s why Website Builder was exactly what they were looking for.


Helping British businesses get online for over 20 years

Having supported more than 1 million UK websites, we’ve tailored our products to provide a simple and effortless service so that our customers can focus on what they know best: their business.

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