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As one of the best places to buy a domain in the UK, you'll be hard pressed to find cheaper domain prices anywhere else. That's not all either, as you'll also enjoy the following benefits.

No annoying advertising

Some registrars place annoying banner advertising on your forwarding pages and charge you extra to remove them. We don't place any advertising on your pages or charge for forwarding.


Free DNS updates

When you buy your domain, it is always under your control. If you want to modify your DNS settings, you can do so at any time – and unlike some other registrars, we won’t ask you to pay for it.

No WHOIS editing fees

Other registrars charge for simple tasks like changing your Domain Privacy record. With us, you can make as many changes as you like, whenever you like, without any additional fees.

Leave anytime

The registrar lock stops unauthorised transfers, but some companies abuse the system and stop you from transferring your domains out. We don’t hold your domain hostage; you can unlock it quickly and for free.

Easy auth-code access

Some Top-Level-Domains (TLDs) require an auth-code to enable domain transfers. Your registrar holds these codes and can make it difficult to obtain them if you want to transfer. We make it easy to get your codes whenever you need them.

No Domain Front Running

Front Running is when registrars keep a record of searches for potentially attractive domains which they then buy to attempt to sell them to an interested party at a premium rate. We never have or will use such underhanded tactics.

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FAQs for cheap domains

Why are some domains cheaper than others?

The cost of a domain is typically set by the registry that owns the extension. For example, Nominet is the wholesaler for .uk and Verisign is the registry for .com. These registries will charge a fee per domain to registrars like 123 Reg, who will adjust their prices accordingly for them to turn a profit.

Country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) like .de and .jp are also subject to currency fluctuations, which can affect their pricing.

How can I register a cheap domain?

Simply enter your ideal web address into the provided search fields above and you will be given a list of suitable matches. Once you’ve decided upon your domain name, select ‘Add to basket’ and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase.

If I buy a cheap domain name now, how expensive will the renewal rates be?

Since the cost of a domain is set by a third-party registry, we set our renewal prices based on their fees, along with any operational costs. Although renewals are often more costly than registration, with the price varying for each domain extension, we invest these fees back into our products to improve their performance, infrastructure and features.

Are there any hidden fees for cheap domains?

No, you won’t find any hidden fees or charges when you order a domain name with us. Once you’ve ordered a domain, all you’ll need to pay afterwards is the renewal fee.

Great Customer Service!

A great company to work with! I ran into some issues when setting up my domain however, I was able to resolve them quickly through the live chat feature and through the help of Eduard. I wholly recommend 123 Reg.


5 + years of service and still excellent

I have used 123-Reg for over 5 years. I used them for a few company and personal domains. I have always received great customer service, and they have been helpful on occasions they really didn’t have to be because it was an issue my end that really wasn’t in their scope.

Julian Rickards

Honest & Cheap Domain Provider

They are honest and I love their service. mostly I love the cheap domains they offer. i love their live chat too. i chatted with a chat agent named Edmon, he was fantastic

anupam debnath

Easy to use

Easy to use, as a newbie to the tech world 123 reg made everything clear and easy for me to understand. The process of buying a domain was seamless, would recommend.

Ashleigh Allwood

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