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Why register .com domain names?

.com is the most widely used TLD and it’s usually the first choice for anyone looking to build a new website. This TLD is so popular that it may be difficult to find the perfect one available, so hurry and buy yours today.

  • Credibility – .com domain names are popular and a site with a less known domain extension may not have the same credibility as a site with a .com domain.
  • Familiarity – Most people tend to type .com into the browser, assuming your site has this extension. Few think of trying other domain extensions.
  • Default extension – .com is considered a default extension because when you type “companyname” into the browser address, most browsers send you to .com by default. When you register .com domain, you ensure your visitors will find you easily.
  • Resale value – You might not register .com domains with the purpose of selling them, but if you do happen to consider it in the future, this extension has a higher value, thus you can get the best price when you register .com domain names.

Who can register .com domains?

.com stands for commercial and although it was intended for ecommerce sites, there are no restrictions as to who can register .com domain names.

.com domains are the most sought after TLDs in the world, so if you have a name in mind, search and register yours before anyone else.


*This offer only applies to the first year. Limited to 1 domain per customer and only for new customers. Normal price £15.99 (+20% VAT).

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