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NEW gTLDs now available: .london, .ninja, .xyz, .holiday, .futbol and many more!

It was beginning to seem like all the best web addresses had been taken and becoming more difficult to find that perfect domain for your business. More than 1,300 new generic Top-Level domains (gTLDs) have begun to be released which will change all that and cause the biggest shake-up the Internet has ever known.

gTLDs give you so many options to choose from and they enable you to easily find a domain that suits your business perfectly while describing exactly what it is you do. .london, .tech, .food, .florist – .anything. They’re all up for grabs, offering your brand the fantastic opportunity to get a new short and memorable domain with a distinctive extension that works for you.

Whether you’re looking to appeal to local customers with .london, entice them to .shop ‘til they drop, make your skills stand out with .ninja or just show how much you love .coffee, registering a domain with one of the new gTLDs is almost guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd.


Why register a new gTLD?

  • Get a short and memorable domain that works for you
  • Perfectly match your domain to your industry or location
  • Set your brand apart from your competitors with a gTLD
  • Increase visibility online and attract more visitors to your site
  • Help verify your online identity and build customer trust
  • Compliment your existing domains with a modern alternative

Which new gTLDs are available to order?

There are many new extensions that are already available for registration, but competition for great names is fierce so make sure you buy yours today before anyone else. We’ve even divided up the new domains into categories so finding your perfect ending is a snap right from the start.


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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a generic top level domain?

    Also called gTLDs, these are an expansion on the more familiar top-level domains (TLDs) that provide more variety for your business when choosing a domain name. New addresses are now becoming available such as .london, .wales, .koeln and .how so you can replace your .com, .co.uk or .net extensions with an address that more accurately describes your business. They can help your customers find your business easier as your location can now be part of your URL. The new generic top level domain registration from 123 Reg is the perfect solution to set your brand apart from the competition.

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) initiated the new TLD registration thus allowing companies to register new gTLDs and secure their business on the net. The process has set in motion and ICANN recently published the official list of generic domains that will be available. Now they are in the initiate contracting phase of the gTLD program which means it will not be long until you are able to get your hands on these great domains.

  • Why you need to register new gTLDs for your business?

    Registering new gTLDs gives you the opportunity to grow your brand’s presence online and to build a domain portfolio that works for you. Whether it’s .london, .shop, .singles – they will soon be up for grabs, just make sure you get there first.

    With the new gTLDs, you have more control and flexibility over your brand’s image online as well as your name strategy. More importantly, you can enhance both your internal and external communications with a stronger point of interest. You can secure sector focused domains with .shop, .fashion or .bank extensions which will help consumers associate your brand with a specific industry or area of expertise. In addition, you can also appeal to groups based on location or language by securing a domain with a .london, .wien or .town extension. These new gTLDs are a great opportunity to set your brand apart and increase awareness.

    If you’re a brand owner, you should definitely consider registering your brand with the new gTLDs to combat infringement of your brand in cyberspace and prevent others from associating with your brand.

  • How do I purchase a gTLD domain extension?

    Read our support article to see how you can purchase a gTLD domain name through 123-reg in just three simple steps.

  • How do I register a domain name associated with my trademark?

    Trademarks are protected in the new gTLD registration process which means that as a brand owner you can reserve your trademarked names first before anyone else. Find out how to secure a domain with your trademark in it.

  • How will the new gTLDs impact online businesses?

    Thanks to these new extensions, your new website address can now describe who you are, what you do and what you have to offer. But what is the real impact of the new top-level domains on companies looking to protect their brands? Find out from our article.

  • Can a new TLD boost your rankings?

    Wondering if a new domain extension can offer improved chances for higher rankings in search engine results? Read our in-depth article to find out if search engines, including Google, give any special preference to the new gTLDs over other TLDs and if a new gTLD can boost your rankings.

  • How to move your website to a new gTLD without hurting your SEO?

    A new generic top-level domain comes with many benefits but what if you already have a website with great SEO value? Learn how to move to your new home without losing rankings and organic traffic.

*Premium rated domains may incur a premium price, prices shown may vary due to premium nature, prices are confirmed prior to payment.

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